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Technical + design solutions for air travel


💸 $1.5M lifetime revenue, 100+ product units sold
💫 5 clients, 3+ in flight currently
✅ 5 full aircraft designs, 0 crashes
💪 Seasoned team formerly at Boeing, Google, Lockheed Martin, & more
💥 We combine licensed software, innovative products & design services
📈 Commercial drone market $15B alone, CAGR 20.5%

Our Team

Aviation is evolving; the future will be greener, electric, and autonomous. We have the technical experience and the business savvy to help accelerate this shift.

We're a small, agile aviation-focused technical company 🛩

We founded allocortech in 2018 to create a nimble avionics company that could provide services and products to UAS and UAM aircraft markets that demand commercial quality but cannot tolerate the lead times, lack of flexibility, and recurring costs of legacy commercial aerospace solutions.

 We've quickly gained a reputation for delivering high-quality fault-tolerant solutions within demanding, customer-driven deadlines.

A closer look at our core products & an action shot of our Sr. Embedded Systems Engineer, Kevin Stefanik, getting stuff done.

6 of our now 10 (!) team members at Liberty Mills.

These numbers include forward-looking projections which cannot be guaranteed. 

Our CEO, Brian Viele, at work.