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🧪 Clinical trials confirm in Oct. 2022 AllerPops can cure allergies with lasting relief!
😀 94.5% efficacy rate for allergy relief, based on a survey of about 100 of our 10,0000+ customers!
🦸 CEO Dr. Cliff Han, biologist 28 years, 300+ peer-reviewed papers & has human genome project exp.
🧬 DNA data verify in 2017 & 2023 AllerPops promote oral probiotics & remove the cause of allergies.

Our Team

The founder and his son suffered from allergies. Being a biologist, he wanted to provide a solution and began researching the cause of airborne allergies.

Liberate Millions from Allergies by Correcting the Root Cause

We have discovered that the cause of allergies (allergic rhinitis) is the lack of good bacteria in the mouth or oral probiotic deficiency. AllerPops provide safe and natural support for the good bacteria (probiotics) in the mouth.  The pops balance the immune system with expertly formulated, FDA-approved ingredients and cure allergies by correcting the root cause of allergic rhinitis.

We have paved the foundation in the last ten years for AllerPops to grow and thrive.

Letter from our CEO

Dear Future AllerPops Investor,

Thank you for your interest in Allerpops, the first cure for allergy sufferers worldwide.

We’ve created a breakthrough product that actually relieves allergy suffering for months and up to 2 years! Our over-the-counter Allergy Pop provides the easiest and longest relief, unlike anything on the market.

I’m proud to announce that Allerpops recently completed clinical and DNA sequencing analyses confirming AllerPops' function and working mechanism.

And we’re finally ready to open the market.

I regard myself as very fortunate to have discovered the cause of allergies and invented AllerPops as the ultimate solution.

I did not originally set out to change the world of allergies; the solution found me.

It started on an uncharted path almost ten years ago.

My book "Nothing to Sneeze At" describes my encounters in charting the road. I enjoyed the many ups and cried at many of the downs along the way.

I wouldn’t change anything about the journey.

The invention of AllerPops is the missing twin of the discovery of penicillin which kills bad bacteria and saves the lives of millions. AllerPops grow good bacteria and increase the quality of life for billions.

Check out our plan, and I hope you will join us on the way!


Cliff Shunsheng Han

signature of Cliff Han

The Problem

Current solutions are filled with chemicals and must be taken daily. They act as a temporary fix, only masking the symptoms and completely ignoring the root cause.

Without updated allergy relief treatments, people continue to suffer from worsening symptoms and are at risk of autoimmune disorders.

Our Solution

Allergies worsen if you do not have enough beneficial probiotic bacteria in your mouth. These probiotics pacify the immune system, preventing pointless attacks on harmless substances and the manifestation of symptoms.

AllerPops and associated methods have been protected by six US patents, (US Pat No.: 11,364,217, No.: 11,083,759, No.: 11,083,760, No.: 10,398,670, No._9,795,579, US 10,471,033 B2). In addition, we have submitted patent applications to 5 major international markets.

This year, AllerPops invested funds from their last raise to validate their efficacy through double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials performed by an independent clinical trial company.

The results demonstrated that: AllerPops is effective for lasting allergy relief and safe to use.

Check out what our customers shared about their symptom relief.

What People Are Saying


Market Opportunity

AllerPops is in a league of its own.


Since our last Wefunder raise, the independent phase II clinical trial confirmed AllerPops is effective, safe, and corrects the root cause of allergies.  This will allow for FDA approval and labeling.

AllerPops has expanded our wholesale distribution with regional independent pharmacy partnerships and continues to increase online sales through the AllerPops site and Amazon.

Business Plan

AllerPops' Go-To-Market Strategy

Marketing Strategy

AllerPops’ overarching market strategy is thought-leader-based (EXPERTISE) marketing to build AllerPops as the leader in allergy treatment and prevention. In doing so, they will keep a lean internal organizational structure and align with third-party services to fulfill our marketing needs in the next two years.

Dr. Han often compares marketing to burning a furnace. The product and service are the structure of the furnace. The content, story, and useful information are the fuel.

  • Frequent posts on social media are the base flame
  • Influencer marketing the mid-flame
  • PR-facilitated earned media exposure to the top flame with the highest temperature.

To further strengthen and enrich AllerPops’ content, we will report our clinical trial in a peer-reviewed journal. In addition, they will publish a book about Dr. Han’s journey of innovating AllerPops in early 2023. The title of the book is “Nothing to Sneeze at.”

Allerpops will select and engage high-performance experts in SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media, influencer marketing, and public relation to market their expertise, product, and service.

AllerPops' efforts will geographically tilt to the top 50 US allergy capitals that tend to be in the south, southeast, and east regions and temporally follow the allergy season progress from south to north in the spring and reverse pattern in the fall.

AllerPops will transition from a DTC to a wholesale business model, increasing the scalability and reach to allergy sufferers worldwide.

The shifting to a wholesale model in the next several years is expected to exponentially increase revenue over a much shorter period.

In addition, AllerPops will continue to cultivate relationships with trusted pharmacies and retailers.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.


AllerPops will be using the raised funds to launch their new branding and marketing campaign (50%), scale up inventory production (25%), and complete their FDA application (5%) and others (20%).

7.5% of funds raised will go towards the Wefunder intermediary fee.

Together with our investors, we will liberate millions from the US and billions worldwide who suffer from allergies.

After all, with your ultimate support, nothing can stop us from reaching our goals.

We are the Peacemakers between allergy sufferers and mother nature!

Come and join us today to pop the allergies.

Reach Out: [email protected]; phone: 505 695 4236.