The world's only pocket-sized, HD aerial camera

Last Funded August 2020


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Created a totally new market for a personalized aerial camera — a pocket-sized flying HD camera.
$8M+ and 50k units in shipment and orders so far. $100B TAM
Strong Intellectual property portfolio - since 2016 - covering Trademark, Utility, Design,
Shopify-powered AirSelfie website converting at 1.62% with a ROAS of 4.91x!

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Smartphones and Instagram have led to an explosion of amateur photographers. But Selfie Sticks are limited. Personalized aerial photos are a natural evolution.

The world’s smallest portable flying camera — changing personal photography forever.

Who said selfies were confined to sticks? With this ground-breaking camera, you’ll be able to snap aerial photos directly from your phone. The sky’s the limit.

A snapshot...

The $100B market we're addressing

We have developed a new market category that never existed before — personal aerial digital cameras. No one has dominated the personal aerial cameras market yet. 

Capture the moment, the whole moment

No more missing friends in group photos and videos, misframed or mistimed self-timers, or awkward selfie angles. AIR PIX gives you the perfect full-frame shot quickly and easily.

Small, light-weight, and easy to use

Easily take stunning aerial HD photos and video selfies (from unique angles and heights impossible with a handheld camera), edit them right in the app, and then share them instantly on your favorite social media platforms.

Take selfies from angles you couldn’t before

See AIR PIX in action. View our gallery here.


The AirSelfie rollout of aerial cameras in 2020 and 2021 includes a mix of strategic features and key price points.

Why we win

AirSelfie aerial cameras have features and performance you would expect to see on devices that cost much, much more.


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This isn't our first rodeo

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Join us — and change personal photography forever.

We believe life is led in the moment. A billion-million unique moments all strung together by time. We want you to live every one of them to its fullest and then share them with your family, friends and followers. Easily. Instantly.

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