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Invest in AccessVet

Enhancing the lives of pets and pet parents, vets and their teams.


$10k in revenue starting April 2022, 30 active users. We forecast to double these numbers by June 2022. (not guaranteed)
Secured a test of our platform with one of the largest owners of pet hospitals in North America.
💰 First to market telehealth platform designed specifically for vets by a team of telehealth pros.
🚀 The vet\pet space is booming. 23 million new pets were adopted over the last two years.
🔧 We solve the problem of too many pets and not enough vets to treat these pets.

Our Team

There is a massive problem in the vet\pet space. there are too many pets and not enough vets. This issue is expected to continue for ten + years. AccessVet will help vets treat more pets (a consult on the AccessVet platform takes only 1\3 of the time as an In-clinic visit). We care because we are vets and pet owners.