Revolutionizing American Manufacturing Through Affordable 3D Printing

Last Funded November 2021


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📈 Explosive 3D Printing Industry Growth—upwards of $120B by 2025
⏭ Patented large-size, high-speed 3D printers forging a new future for on-demand manufacturing
⚙️ End-to-End Solution: We design, build, and run our own machines
⚒ Bringing affordable, accessible manufacturing back to the USA

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3D printing is one of the most exciting technologies of our generation and it's also just really freaking cool!! They say “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. Well I get to do what I love everyday and can’t stop thinking about how to be better. I also get to be part of the next industrial revolution in the process.

Why Accelerate3D?

At Accelerate3D, we’re building the future of on-demand manufacturing via high-speed 3D printing. With our patented technology, going from prototype to production is easy—for companies big and small.

Limited economies of scale, expensive minimum order sizes, long lead times, and high upfront costs create a valley of death that kills countless products and companies every year. We’re creating a bridge that will help companies of all sizes move from prototype to initial production like never before.

We design, build, and use our own patented 3D printing machines in-house; and our revolutionary technology enables us to make exciting new products faster and cheaper than ever before. But that’s not all—we’re able to print large-size parts that are too big for the vast majority of printers available today, giving us a fast-track to market domination.

The 3D printing industry is growing at an explosive rate (projected at $120B+ by 2025), and our technology is positioning us for equally explosive growth. Initially, we’re targeting producers of delivery drones, security robots, and robots used in warehouses and construction—whose large-size parts, low production numbers, and high unit value are ideal for our technological edge.

Techstars is one of the premier startup accelerators in the world, and they chose us! Less than 500 startups per year make it into this exclusive program, and only applicants with extremely high potential for global access are selected.

We’re based in Austin, Texas and are firm believers in the need for more American manufacturing. For far too long we have sent the jobs of actually building real things overseas, and that needs to change. The best way this will happen is through the use of automation and advanced manufacturing. Smaller, local Microfactories (like those we plan to build!) will be a cornerstone of the future of manufacturing and will help bring America back to the forefront.

Hardware is hard! The bigger the product, the more true this becomes. The next generations of drones and robots are poised to revolutionize almost every aspect of our lives in one way or another, but the limitations of traditional manufacturing stands in the way of far too many of the amazing companies building these future technologies. Here’s a great example of what one of our pilot customers was able to do:

Our model enables businesses to produce durable large-size parts in shorter times and for less money than ever before. This will be a total game changer for how things get built here in America—pouring gasoline on already fast-growing industries (like drones and robots).

Right now, our go-to-market conditions are ideal. We’re positioned at the center of multiple moats of opportunity, and demand has never been higher. Combine this with our clear differentiators and we expect to hit the ground running—with revenues exceeding $20M by 2026. These projections cannot be guaranteed.

We plan to aggressively expand our growth by establishing micro-factories nationwide. This would mean no more high shipping cost for larger size parts going to distant customers—in

creasing our cost effectiveness even further. Our pilot factory will be in Austin, Texas, and will be fueled with the funds raised via this campaign.

Assuming we raise $1M and we are able to get our pilot Microfactory setup, build our MVP and first service ready machine by Q3 '21, and have a total of 5 machines running at 85% capacity by Q3 '22 we anticipate generating $375k in revenue in the next 12 months.

Our printing speeds are cutting edge, meaning parts are in our customers’ hands faster and they pay for fewer run-time hours. Higher speed also makes low-run manufacturing of final-use parts a possibility. This enables 3D printing to act as a manufacturing bridge—covering the gap between high-cost custom manufacturing and low-cost high volume manufacturing.

One question we get a lot is “why wouldn’t your customers just buy their own machines and produce in-house?” Not only are commercially available large size 3D printers expensive, but they take skill and time to run. Our end-to-end solution creates a faster, more convenient, and more affordable option.

By investing now, you gain a stake in our cutting-edge technology ahead of our inaugural micro-factory. Our path to scale is clear, and we want you along for the ride!

Disclaimer: Future location cannot be guaranteed