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Invest in Abuela's Luck

A film about a Dominican NYC/NJ family taking up their chances with luck


Help support the creation of diverse Latino stories.
In 2019, the original short film was acquired by HBO and is currently streaming on HBO Max.
Help shine a light on the adversity of immigrant entrepreneurship.
Join the narrative to cultivate awareness on the impact of family ties and our decisions.
In 2018 the original short film was on Remezcla's top 10 best short films by a US Latino Director.
The original short film has screened for Hispanic heritage events at prestigious universities.
Attached to the project are Manny Ureña, Shakira Barrera, Wilton Guzman and Manuel Cabrero.
The original short film screened at over 10 national film festivals.

Our Team


On the day of his 20th birthday, and his Abuela's 95th birthday, Raymond and his cousin Gio, are scamming across NYC, instead of getting Abuela some scratch offs as promised. Until a chance visit to their neighborhood Dominican bodega, sets off a series of unexpected events that begs the question, how long will his luck hold out?


We are raising money to turn our critically acclaimed short film into a feature film.

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It's Raymond's 20th birthday, and he's doing what he does best with his cousin Gio: scamming and making money. They're also on the search for scratch offs as a birthday gift for their Abuela. She's celebrating her 95th birthday. Raymond has the chance to go live in the Dominican Republic for a few months with his Abuela while she settles into retirement there. It's been a thought in his mind to live out in the motherland, tap into his roots. Holding Raymond back is the opportunity of attending college or stay running around with his cousin Gio. The scammer life is a fast-life and it's been paying off well for them.

Raymond has clung onto his family, especially Gio, for a glimpse at what other options life has to offer. This time it might've been more than what he had been expecting. At Abuela's birthday party a misunderstanding officially comes to light that puts Raymond's family at odds with each other and with the community that they cherish so dearly.

Why Our Story

There is a 20-year old Raymond in every American neighborhood. Each one has a grandma/mother they love and support. In fact, there is an Abuela in every household not only Latinos. At every dinner table. At every bodega. Abuela's luck is THE story of how young men and women can overcome economic challenges to create a better life for their families and their communities. That is why we need to produce this film. To inspire others to invest back into their community. And with the right team and resources, we can help every Latino household create their own luck.

Director's Statement

Thank you for taking the time to read this. A sense of inspiration can come in many forms. Everyone’s own experiences will make for inherently different stories to tell. Feeling isolated from my family for the first time in my life back in 2015 was the initial inspiration for Abuela’s Luck the short film. I had just moved from New Jersey to LA where I was starting a new life for myself. I wanted the message to be a nod to the pillars of our families. A small way to say - “Thank you for your sacrifices.” As I've gotten older I've come to realize that some of those very same sacrifices - extend beyond family. Those same sacrifices are the pillars of the communities our families live in.

As a child of Dominican immigrants, and having a passion for business - I now want to extend the original story into the world of IMMIGRANT ENTREPRENEURSHIP and their FAMILIES. The aspirations and prosperity that can come from that - but also the vengefulness that it can incite from its very own people. As an adult, I now have an entirely new appreciation for my mother and the sacrifices she made to raise me while running her own business. And coincidently enough I’ve jumped into a career in filmmaking because of my passion for the storytelling business. But through my stories, I want to be in the business of creating change.

Every story has been told. Love, revenge, coming of age. The major difference is the intricate characters that are illustrating these stories through their experiences. I want this film to be a mirror put up to our society as a whole: that no matter your CULTURE, we as a COMMUNITY are responsible for the well being of each other. We all have an Abuela that's constantly praying for our continued blessings. Here and in the eternal. We are all Abuela's Luck.

- Ricky Rosario

Writer, Director, Producer

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