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💰 Backed by 500 Global, SDG Impact Japan, Blue Horizon & angels from Google, Twitter, Goldman Sachs
📈 20x content & 4x user growth in 173 countries in 2 years
🚀 2.5M+ consumer reviews of vegan products
🌏 4,700+ SaaS customers from CPG & F&B industries

Our Founder

Our everyday choices, like the food we eat or the clothes we wear, add up to the biggest opportunities for people, animals and the environment.

At abillion, we’re on a mission to mobilize a billion people to save the planet, one meaningful interaction at a time.

64% of consumers say products that are branded environmentally sustainable or socially responsible add up to more than half of their purchases. And 83% of consumers would shop more sustainably if they had more information about how their purchases make an impact.

Many want to “live sustainably” - by adopting a plant-based diet, for example, or buying from ethical manufacturers - but the market lacks an intuitive, accessible tool that makes long-term personal change and finding trusted options easy.

The solution? A social commerce platform that’s built by its community, with authentic, user-generated content that informs, inspires and leads people to make better choices about their products and the brands they support.

Say hello to abillion, the social commerce platform dedicated to making the world a better place.

We’re creating a product that can mobilize a billion people to build a cleaner, fairer planet - all through the inspiring power of community, content and commerce. By connecting intentional consumers and sellers, abillion enables anyone in the world to drive the sustainability movement forward.

As a community driven by member-generated content, we've invested in building product-market fit for the core user-experience, before building the bridges to drive revenue at scale.

We don’t spend money on ads; instead, abillion prioritizes:

  • Community and product led growth
  • Onboarding, activation, and personalization
  • Gamification that creates real-world impact

At the end of 2021 we completed our Series A. In 2022, we have built and launched the two primary revenue drivers for our business: our SaaS platform enabling brands to engage with the abillion community, and our in-app marketplace, enabling a new generation of entrepreneurs to create businesses that are better for the planet. We earn annual subscription fees from premium tier SaaS customers and we earn a commission on transactions on our marketplace. 

We have no costs relating to raw materials, manufacturing, inventory, shipping or supply. We believe we’re on a clear strategic path to $50M in EBIT by 2026.

abillion is already building a tremendous global sustainability movement. The abillion app has been downloaded across 183 countries, with a 4.9/5 average App Store rating. Our community-driven marketplace is available in 42 countries, including the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Singapore, and Australia.

abillion is positioned to directly challenge the multi-billion dollar e-commerce, social media and utility markets as a first-mover platform tackling sustainability.

93% of online purchases are influenced by a consumer review. With 2.5 million authentic consumer reviews, abillion is becoming a global benchmark for sustainability. We work with over 4,700 food & beverage and consumer products brands to increase their visibility and build a strong brand reputation with a high intent audience.

SaaS subscribers can unlock paid features for marketing, analytics, purchase links and additional functionalities to help grow their businesses on abillion.

With a 16-person team of finance and tech leaders from the world’s leading finance, technology and consumer products companies, abillion is well positioned for rapid growth.

abillion Founder and CEO Vikas Garg is a finance industry veteran and life-long activist, devoting his efforts to creating educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth in his hometown of New York City, and furthering animal rights and welfare projects around the world. In creating abillion, Vikas united his purpose with his work.

Since our launch we’ve raised $16M from venture capital funds including 500 Global, Blue Horizon, SDG Impact Japan, and 1/0 Capital. Angels from Google, Twitter, Goldman Sachs and more have invested, too.

And today we want to open our doors so that anyone can invest in abillion. We’re raising capital to grow the community and power our team with more sales, product, and software talent.

Join us in mobilizing a billion people to make better choices for the planet.