A LaRue Company featuring the LaRue Surgical Evacuator (LSE)

Significantly reduce the cost and time of removing ruptured breast implants

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Est. 500+% return on investment over 2 yrs. A $10k investment grows to $63k by FYE 2024.
100% of the testing surgeons endorse device.
HUGE MARKET - 10 million people world-wide have breast implants with a 40+% rupture rate.
Cost-effective tool helping surgeons save 40-mins per procedure = to nearly $3,000 or a 5:1 return.

Our Team

Why A LaRue?

Gelatinous material is found in many surgical specialties. This comes in the form of bowel contents, ruptured breast implants, and other surgical byproducts. This can be deadly when left in a patient's body. Due to this, surgeries take longer to ensure that all of the content is out which consequently costs more for the patient. This was an issue that our founder noticed during a variety of surgeries. We are working to reduce the time, cost, and silicone reintroduction risk of these surgeries significantly with this product.

A LaRue started because our founder, Angela, saw this problem in the various surgeries that she assisted in as a nurse. The hassle and liability for the doctor as well as the risk to the patient drove Angela to research and create a better way for surgeons to save time, money, and reduce biohazard exposure for both the patient and the surgeon.

"My goal is to make surgery more efficient and effective. Surgeons will be able to shorten the time a patient is under anesthesia while giving their patients the best care possible. "

Angela LaRue, CEO & Founder

Why is Loose Silicone Such a Concern?

  • The FDA placed a black-box warning on all breast implants in late 2021, placing breast implants in the same category as tobacco products.
  • Silicone can migrate to other organs.
  • 100% BIA-ALCL breast cancer is associated with breast implants.

Source: Screenshot of FDA black box warning of silicone breast implants

The LSE is the lasting solution and best practice for the rapidly growing demand of removing breast implants and other gelatinous fluids safely​

  • Proven product, surgeon endorsed​
  • Reduces procedure time by 40 minutes​
  • Saves ~$3,000 per procedure​
  • Reduces risk of silicone-induced autoimmune diseases​
  • Safer removal process for the operating team​

"It really should be on the shelf of every hospital, every surgery center, every doctor's office that does breast surgery because when you need it you need it right then and it saves time in the OR, it’s much more efficient, it’s much cleaner, and much more complete . I think this would eventually be the standard of care for how you take care of ruptured breast implants."

Dr. Moliver, Plastic Surgeon, Houston Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Center, TX

How Do We Stack Up?

We need your help. Join our mission

in creating a world where surgeries are safer, faster, and cheaper

Now more than ever, gelatinous material is an ever-growing threat to surgeons and patients. Patients are dying from bowel sepsis, getting cancer from implants, and other complications. This is our opportunity to be one of the first to market with a product that solves a problem like this.

This is the best time to enter the market.

From 2020 to 2021, 47% more women got their breast implants removed. Breast implants are not life long medical devices. It's recommended that they get replaced every 10 years unless there's a rupture then they need to be removed or replaced immediately. That's 10 million women who fit our target market. With 2 devices in use during the surgeries, that's 20 million devices that could've been used during the years 2020 and 2021. These numbers are growing %### every year.

Our projections say everything.

Even with only 10% market penetration, the revenue potential is immense. The cost to create the device being $93 and selling price being $200 creates a handsome price margin. A LaRue Company is currently designing and performing R&D for attachments for additional surgeries.

These projections are made based on the assumption that these are single use, disposable products that surgeons will restock monthly at about 10-15 devices per month.

This device's capabilities are not limited to only aesthetics. There is a big opportunity for capitalizing in other surgical specialties such as traumas (i.e. abscesses & hematomas), general (i.e. bowel perforations), orthopedic (i.e. infected total joint replacement), and many more. A LaRue has the potential of reaching $1.3 billion dollars in revenue if we can market this to every surgeon, hospital, and clinic.