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Invest in Whatz2Eat

A mobile app that helps people cook using the food they already have on hand.



reserved of a $150,000 goal
 $7.5M  $6.5M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus:

For Investors up to the first $150,000 of securities raised, the Investor will receive a valuation cap of $6,500,000 and a discount rate of 10%

$500, $1K, $2.5K, $5K, $10K, $25K
I invested in Whatz2Eat because of their ambitious mission to help people around the world create better meals for the people they love and share life with. The app provides a solution to a problem that so many people face every day‚ÄĒWhat should we eat? The company has a strong monetization plan to produce scalable, recurring, and diversified revenue streams from day one. Not only that, the app saves time, stress, and food waste. It is a product that will be a go-to tool for millions of people.


ūüí•Millennial + Gen Z tech Beta testers - 93% said they would use the app daily.
ūüď∑"Image to Recipe" tech is 99% accurate with thousands of ingredients.
ūüćĚVirtual Cloud Pantry with real time inventory updates.
‚úÖ dataset consists of 1M+ verified recipes already.
ūüßź3 out of 4 Americans wish they had more cooking confidence.
ūüďĪ64% of Millennials + Gen Z use smartphones while cooking.
ūüďļAs seen on ABC, CNBC, CBS, Fox News & Market Watch.

Our Team

We've created an AI-enabled, all-in-one sous chef for home cooks

Our app pairs you with personalized recipes based on the ingredients that you already have in seconds. You can scan or photograph your ingredients, choose how much time you would like to spend cooking & how many you're cooking for, and then get five delicious recipe options to choose from. 

You can also keep a running inventory of your ingredients by storing them in a personalized, virtual (cloud) pantry. The app can even update your food inventory list with a simple scan of your grocery receipt. 

Our Story 

We're a husband and wife duo who set out on this venture out of our own kitchen experiences. We knew that we were far from alone in lacking the culinary confidence and skills to match and use the ingredients in our own kitchen. Making a meal decision is a daily struggle - especially for those that can't cook. Our goal is for Whatz2Eat to become a no-brainer kitchen essential, providing users with a solution to kitchen chaos.

Kitchen Chaos Is A Real Problem.

 Let's quantify the issue a bit:

  • Three out of five Americans say whatever foods are in the refrigerator & pantry will determine what's for dinner.
  • On average, households have 135 food items in the kitchen.
  • The average person only knows how to cook five different meals or less.¬†
  • 58% of Americans say they cook between 3-6 days a week. (That's a lot of repeat dinners).¬†
  • We¬†spend, on average, 75 minutes searching the web¬†for meal ideas, trying to decide what to cook.¬†¬†

Here's how our app works:

1. Meal time! You tap into the app.

2. You scan or take a snapshot of your fridge and pantry. 

3. You choose your meal specs.

Whatz2Eat is now at your service- your own personal kitchen assistant.

Tinder-style screens so you can simply swipe left or swipe right to indicate when you need to eat and how many guests will be joining you.

4. Time to cook. 

We'll curate five meal ideas at a time for you to choose from while assuring you have all the ingredients to make it. These suggestions will get even more tailored to your taste buds the more you use the app. 

5. Maintain your Virtual Cloud Pantry. 

Users can keep a running inventory of their ingredients by storing them in their own personal, virtual (cloud) pantry. The Whatz2Eat app can also update your food inventory list automatically with a simple scan of your grocery receipt. 

6. Snag any missing ingredients.

Missing ingredients? No problem; we leverage the competitive landscape of delivery services and grocery stores, so you have choices - putting the buying power back in your control. We enable access to multiple shopping and delivery options right from the app.

Our Target Users

Why Now?  

Whatz2Eat is using today's technologies and creating new ones for the future. We recognize that by leveraging the power of smart technologies like our phones and tablets, we can put an exceptional tool into millions of hands. 

Our Journey So Far

Key Milestones

Our Business Philosophy 

We identify as being an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) leader. We also strive to provide a rewarding place for our employees to grow professionally and to ensure a strong return on investment for our partners.

Our business architects and development team members stretch from India to Indio, USA.

  Our Business Model

We have a modern-tech leveraged business model with strong monetization strategies and a clear, aggressive roadmap to profitability. We believe our revenue models will yield major returns for our investors with  opportunities in:

  • Paid Product Placement
  • Least Cost Fulfillment
  • Grocery Ordering
  • Delivery Services
  • Sponsored Video Content
  • Data Insights
  • Freemium Subscription Model

We leverage protected Intellectual Property (IP) consisting of proprietary algorithms and APIs documented and structured around Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augment Reality (AR), Machine Learning, Natural & Conversational language, and Image Recognition.  

We'll have scalable, recurring, and diversified revenue streams from day 1.

Monetization strategies built around internal and external strategic platforms designed to maximize revenue from our targeted demographics.   

Our Value Proposition

We have identified multiple growth pathways that could result in significant ROI for our investment partners, given our growth projections and financial modeling. 

Our Team

Our C-Level team consists of high-level marketing and business development execs complimented by web/app engineers, designers, and data scientists with extensive experience in managing complex tech projects with corporate brands worldwide.

Join us!

We have the team, the solution, a beautiful product, and soon - the traction. If you are as hungry as we are to help people around the world create better meals for the people they love and share life with, join us.