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Invest in Florida Stingrays Football

Own a part of a minor league football franchise and help us make history!


🏈 Community of 6,156 football advocates on our social media.
🏆Undefeated State Championship in 2017 UFFOA with a combined total of over 60 wins, we 🪨!!!
🤝Community partners like Digital Ink, Stevie Tomatoes, Calebs Crusade, La Motta's, and many more...
We are building this to make a difference in our community...

Our Team

Football players body wears down due to the tremendous punishment it takes every time it's on the field. Elite players should be able to make an income off of their talent as early as possible and our colleges and universities do not offer them the best opportunity possible.


This is the next Great American Sports story and this is your opportunity to decide if you want to watch the movie, get mentioned in the credits, or be part of the story!

First, it started with a team, the Florida Stingrays

Back in 2009, a football team was born that is much more than just a football team!

Football is just the vehicle. A stronger community is the destination!

The Stingrays have been winning for over a decade on the field going to the playoffs every single season. We have won two division championships, three conference championships, and in 2017 we went undefeated winning the state championship and finishing second in the nation.

And off the field as the Stingrays players, coaches, and staff are required to participate in our multiple community outreach programs including but not limited to.....

• P.A.L. Stingrays Youth Football and Cheer Program.

Monthly Foster Child Outreach.

  • Disability Dream and Do

Toys for Tots.
School Outreach.

Caleb’s Crusade Against Childhood Cancer

Free Youth Football Camps

We have always had much bigger aspirations!

Since we started the Stingrays back in 2009, we had been planning on launching a stock sharing plan similar to the one given to us by the legal department of the Green Bay Packers.

As the idea evolved over the last 10 years I decided one team wasn't enough. We need to give this opportunity of team ownership to football fans across the country!

The new fan-owned League bringing fan-owned teams to cities across the country!

Player Benefit
With the added Revenue this program will provide players coming out of high school will now have an alternative opportunity she's going away to college!
Players straight out of high school will be recruited to the APFL with incentives including but not limited to....

* Signing Bonus

*Salary $10,000 to $30,000 per year

* Unlimited Endorsement Opportunity. - Local & National

* Education - mandatory opportunities in any field of secondary education desired by the athlete from universities and College to tech and trade certifications.

*Insurance - in case of bodily harm players will be given both health insurance as well as insurance policies against career-ending injuries.

*Business Start-Up or Further Education Funding - even after playing in the FFL players will be given an opportunity to continue their education or go into business with the help of the league providing a commitment to provide an agreed-upon yearly donation back to the league.

What's in it for you?

Besides the title and amazing investment opportunity, ownership packages also come with instant rewards including season tickets, Florida Stingray Gear, and access to the organization's annual/quarterly owner meetings.