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Invest in πŸ“ˆ, Smart Marketing 😍

βœ… Smart Marketing for Underdogs, Grew 219%, Rev $200,000+ ! πŸ‘ $203k raised


reserved of a $50,000 goal
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Company grew over 21,900% from launch in under a year.Β πŸ“ˆ
Unique co-creating partnership with Hootsuite (20M social media professionals worldwide).🌎
Team and founder are scrappy and extremely frugal with resources to maximize returns.Β πŸŽ‰
Small businesses globally today more than ever must have an affordable digital marketing strategy which
7,000+ SMBs using HelloWoofy to maximize their digital marketing (social media, blog and more) βœ…
20M API calls made using proprietary API, recommending best text, emojis and more πŸ“Š
10+ hours a week a typical marketeer can save; πŸ“ˆImprove the bottom line
Digital marketing platform driven by AI/data science; πŸ”¬ Patent pending

Our Founder

πŸ‘‰ As a small business owner myself, I personally understand the desperate need for smart marketing to win online...a solution that uses science, is simple and opens up my ability to scale easily...every SMB owner in 2020 and beyond needs such a solution to survive digitally. βœ…

Rapid 21,900% Growth in Under One Year Helping 7,000+ Small Businesses Worldwide 🌎

You know what it's like running a small businesses with limited to no resources on shoe string budgets, right? Now, in 2020 your means to run your business offline are nearly what does an "underdog" small business do? They join, a smart marketing platform designed for just such a underdog and best of all, it costs the price of a lovely cup of coffee.

Welcome to, our humble startup from New York City grew a staggering 21,900% in under one year helping some of the most impacted small businesses around the world. Career coaches, health coaches, coffee shops, nail salons, course creators, direct sellers, car mechanics, travel agents and more...think the entrepreneurs that generate ~70% of the jobs in our economy needed an affordable tool that was smart (cutting edge enterprise data science and artificial intelligence research) and simple to use...we filled this gap making it our mission...supporting "underdogs".

Why Now? What's the Issue with Current Marketing Platforms? πŸ€”

Low End Solutions are Linearly Designed and Lack Data Science to Help Small Businesses Compete Against their Competitors with Unlimited Marketing Resources / Budgets…


High End Solutions are Linearly Designed and Show Data with Very Little Science to Help Small Businesses Compete Against their Competitors with Unlimited Marketing Resources / Budgets...Plus, Typical Solutions Cost $50,000 - $500,000 a year!, a leading Solution that's Affordable, Smart and Simple to Use πŸ‘

The biggest issue with creating the perfect social media or blog post is knowing which words to use, which phrases to include and in many cases, which hashtags and emojis to use.

It would be so much easier for a small business owner on a limited shoe string marketing budget to have the ability to perfect these points and more. Well, with over 150 million data points, HelloWoofy's backend is able to decipher and suggest the perfect combination formulating the perfect post every time. Now, every small business owner can compete against budgets that have unlimited marketing resources...just as easily!

Use HelloWoofy for:

1. Crafting engaging social media posts

2. Writing creative blog posts like a journalist (with automated citations coming soon)

3. Smart writing anywhere (using the Google Chrome HelloWoofy extension)

4. Smart speaker marketing (Laying the "rails for the railroad marketing commerce of tomorrow" to reach quarantined customers at home)

Reach Customers in Home via Amazon Alexa Skills Automatically Created for SMBs with No Coding Required πŸ”Š

Working alongside senior executives at Amazon Alexa division, HelloWoofy created a scalable in home broadcasting solution for small business owners at the price of a cup of coffee. As simple as creating a Facebook post, small business owners can create an audio, video or text to audio post and broadcast to their customers within their homes (with opt in from the customer or end user) content that is engaging, unique and grabs attention immediately. πŸ“ˆ

Fully Integrated with Leading Co-Creating Partner, Hootsuite (Over 18M Social Media Professionals Reach) πŸ“Š

In the spirit of co-creation, HelloWoofy reached out to the executive team at Hootsuite, one of the largest and highly respected players in our industry, to provide a data science driven solution to existing 18M+ customers at an extremely affordable price. As a result, the co-creation efforts has brought affordable intelligent technology to thousands of SMBs globally. HelloWoofy generates, stores, schedules and does so much more on its own in addition as a "layer" or "add on" for 18M+ Hootsuite customers.

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