EV Semi-Fleet Corp.

ALL-ELECTRIC Semi-Trucking Company!⚡🚚

Last Funded September 2022


raised from 398 investors


⚡🚚 1st Nikola EV Semi-Truck in Florida DELIVERED!
🚚⚡ 50 Tesla Semi-Trucks Reserved
⚡ First Mover in the All-Electric, Class-8 (18 Wheeler) Industry! -East Coast Movement
"Cost Savings" Operations and Maintenance Cost of Electric Trucks is Significantly Less Than Diesel

Our Team

The diesel trucking industry is inefficient, outdated and harmful to the world. We care about reducing the carbon footprint, revolutionizing the transportation industry, reducing transportation costs and maximizing profits. We believe NOW is the time to reserve as many trucks as possible to be competitive in the near future.

Asset Based Carrier- Providing GREEN B2B Solutions to the Multibillion-Dollar Trucking Industry

Mission: To Lead the Transformation of the All-Electric Class-8 EV Revolution on the East Coast.

Asset Based Carrier

What is an asset-based carrier? Asset-based carriers are trucking companies that work directly with shippers and own their equipment to provide truckload services. Large asset-based carriers may own hundreds or thousands of trucks, and employ drivers to operate them.

EV Semi-Fleet is leading the industry by implementing Advanced (GREEN) Technology into the Multibillion-Dollar Trucking Industry

EV Semi-Fleet Corp. is raising capital from forward thinking investors. We plan to move freight with all-electric semi-trucks in an eco-friendly manner & maximize profits with the use of electricity.

Diesel fuel and diesel repair costs are at an all-time high! This eco-friendly business model is the future of trucking in the Unites States of America!

"This opportunity to support EV Semi-Fleet, a start-up utilizing Tesla technology, was a no brainer. I believe EV Semi-Fleet will aid in the transformation of the entire Class-8 trucking industry."
-Tom O'Hanlon, Lead Investor and Technology Advisor
*Invested $1M in Series A and $50,000 in WeFunder Round

EV Semi-Fleet Corp. aims to electrify the multibillion-dollar trucking industry in the U.S. with a fleet of all-electric semi-trucks. We believe the advancement in technology, within the Class-8 industry, will enable a safer, more reliable, and efficient way of delivering goods to the end user.

Our Goal

Our goal is to maximize profits by operating an eco-friendly fleet of All-Electric Semi-Trucks 24/7/365 through an EV logistical framework. Starting at the local ports and expanding into long-haul trucking from coast to coast, we believe in the economic and environmental benefits of EV trucking and support the movement towards a zero-emission transportation industry. With (50) trucks already reserved, we plan to continue to acquire EV semi-trucks throughout the preproduction phase, in order to have a massive amount of trucks coming our way over the next ten years. There is a huge opportunity in this market and EVSF wants you to come along for the ride!

"With your help, together, we will be able to solve some of the nation's largest supply chain issues within the freight and transportation industry that are affecting us all"
-Jake Guerra, CEO and Founder

EVSF will not be dependent on Oil and Fluctuating Fuel Prices!

EV Semi-Fleet is an asset based transportation company utilizing all-electric semi-trucks with proprietary technology used for tracking and tracing on over the road shipments.

A Problem Worth Solving

The diesel trucking industry is inefficient & outdated, due to lack of innovation and implementation of technology related to fuel-efficient technologies. This results in increased costs for the trucking industry and costs of goods sold to consumers.

The EV Semi-Fleet Solution

According to Tesla, electric energy costs are less than half those of diesel, with fewer systems to maintain. We plan to implement EV Technology into the multibillion-dollar trucking industry by introducing a large fleet of all-electric Semi-trucks.

Our Team

EV SEMI-FLEET Corp. is managed by an experienced team of forward-thinking industry professionals. Our team is comprised of professionals with advanced education in electrical engineering within the energy sector, business management related to niche market start-ups and freight logistics management, with years of experience in related fields.

Target Shipment Types

  • Dedicated Shipments/Contracted Lanes
  • Over the Road/Long-Haul Shipments
  • Port Shipments/Drayage
  • Interstate Freight/Local Shipments
  • Intermodal/Rail Shipments/Shipments from a Train

Projected Revenue & Growth

Projected financial forecasts are based on utilizing investment funds, with each all-electric truck driving an average 12,000 miles each month at an average $3.50/mile revenue.

EV Semi-Fleet Corp. has utilized investment funds from Series A to Order (1) Nikola TRE BEV & reserve (50) Tesla semi-trucks!

EV Semi-Fleet Corp. plans to moving freight for our distribution partners August 2022 and become revenue generating!

Competitors - How EV Semi-Fleet is better

Below is industry information gathered from The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), specifically "An Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking:
2021 Update" research study. ("Downloads" link to research study below)

American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has been engaged in critical transportation studies and operational tests since 1954. ATRI is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit research organization headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, with offices in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Sacramento, and New York.

ATRI’s primary mission is to conduct transportation research, with an emphasis on the trucking industry’s essential role in a safe, efficient and viable transportation system. ATRI’s research focus areas include: Congestion and Mobility; Economic Analysis; Safety and Security; Technology and Operations; Environment; and Transportation Infrastructure.

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