Commissary Club/70M Resources

1st social network for 70M Americans w/criminal records.

Last Funded November 2018


raised from 183 investors


Y Combinator

Raised from Y Combinator

Y Combinator 2017 alum.
A division of very successful 70 Million Jobs, the 1st national, for-profit employment platform for people w/records
11 million + people (with records) in our community + 100's of community partners
Last large population without its own social network.

Our Team

We're building Commissary Club not only because it's a large, virtually untapped market opportunity...but also because I myself was incarcerated, and know the unique pain of that experience. The size and scale of the incarceration & reentry problem in this country has long cried out for a new approach -- and we're the ones to take it on.

We're starting a movement.

So that people can shed the shame and the stigma within themselves, and accept themselves, and in doing assert their right to be treated as human beings...and get on with their lives. 

Background. In 2016, Richard Bronson launched 70 Million Jobs, the first national, for-profit employment platform for people with criminal records. Learning of the launch, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office reached out and asked Bronson to partner with the city, to help reduce unemployment and recidivism among the formerly incarcerated. Y Combinator then recruited Bronson to go through its program. Upon completion, Bronson raised VC money from the likes of Founders Fund, mAc Capital, Quake Capital, Y Combinator and Insight general partners, and began building his business in SF, later moving the team to Los Angeles.

In less than three years, 70 Million Jobs succeeded in facilitating employment for thousands of deserving men and women at some of the country’s largest employers, more than any other organization has achieved, while at the same time driving $3.5 million in ARR. During the past 4 years at 70 Million Jobs, we:

  • Found jobs for Americans with criminal records, 2500+ positions filled
  • Had our best month to date in February 2020, booking $200,000+ in revenue
  • Received $1 million+ engagement from Uber (Feb. 2020)
  • Raised $1.4M+ from key investors incl. Founders Fund; Y Combinator company
  • Built an 11M+ user community; partnered with 400+ community organizations
  • And had $3.5M projected revenue by 2020

Next. The coronavirus has virtually eliminated new hiring as 40 million Americans have lost their jobs. But this event provided us with the time and bandwidth to embark on the next step in our evolution: build the first social network for the 70 million Americans with a criminal record.

Introducing Commissary Club. The first social network for the 70 million Americans with criminal records. Commissary Club will offer: 

1. A social network (with the connective tissue of a Facebook)


2. Lots of content: news, music, videos, art, games


3. An e-commerce marketplace: specially curated goods and services, including housing, classes, mentorships, employment, medical and legal services, clothing, marijuana and much more.

Our advantages from Day 1. We already have 11 million folks with records in our community. We already have 450+ partnerships with every important community organization, non-profit, governmental agency, parole and probation department, correctional facility. We know every key influencer in reentry. We know how to market to this population like few others. We enjoy an excellent reputation in the space.


Market Opportunity: Commissary Club as a social media platform is operating in a $52.7 billion market, with projected 100 million users. It is estimated that close to 100 million Americans are either directly or indirectly involved in the criminal justice system. We plan to tap into that full market, serving not only users with a criminal record, but also their friends and family members who experience unique challenges.

Exit Strategy: [I'd like to discuss with you Richard -- do we want to include this ? (We don't have it on Republic). If so, what IS our exit strategy?

$1.4M in funding to date

70 Million Jobs has raised over $1.4M in funding today from prominent investors, including Founder's Fund, Insight partners, MaC Venture Capital, Quake Capital, and Y Combinator. By reaching our fundraising goal of $3M, we hope to build out our team so we can enhance our platform and provide more individuals a pathway to employment.