3 Some Chocolates Cuisine

3 Flavors in 1 Made for Everyone!

Last Funded December 2020


raised from 580 investors


Current Online Sales Average $25,000 Weekly.
Numerous 5-star ratings. Over 60k customers and still growing.
Featured on Fox 5 News, CBS, Good Morning America, Good Day New York, Newsday & NBC.
Exclusive items. Made & distributed by 3 Some Chocolates.

Our Team

We chose to create a brand that people could love and enjoy while offering great quality. We LOVE chocolate and lovers of chocolate can appreciate everything we offer in our product, which is why we can't wait to make the items more accessible around the country. At our chocolate cuisine we want to offer a unique and unforgettable experience x3!

3 Some Chocolates Cuisine


We live and enjoy life through experiences. The best experiences are memorable and unforgettable. What makes us yearn for more is usually something unique, fun and something you can share with the people closest to you! We have created a unique chocolate experience where people can bite their temptation, satisfy their desire and fulfill their fantasy x3!

Since our founding in 2017, 3 Some Chocolates has been satisfying our customers taste buds x3! We have customers all across the United States and have shipped chocolate to every state and several countries! Our next goal is to make our delectable chocolates available to even more customers across the United States with the opening of our own manufacturing and distribution center, giving us the opportunity to meet the high demands of our online sales, make our chocolate available in retail locations and to have a chocolate shop where customers can come in for their own unique chocolate experience. We also want to create a dining franchise that brings people together where they can enjoy quality service, quality food and an out-of-the box experience!

3 Some Chocolates has seen a strong increase in online sales for the year 2020. The world is quite different now and more and more people are shopping online for a unique and quality experience to get them through these times. This rapid increase in sales has made the need for our own manufacturing location even more urgent. In less than 2 weeks we reached over $100,000 in online sales and we expect this upward trend to continue. 

3 Some Chocolates Cuisine is necessary to manufacture and distribute our products to customers across the country. It will also serve as the  perfect place where you can satisfy your cravings, allowing you to indulge in your desires, senses and passions x3. This will be our first franchise location which we plan to open up in prime locations throughout the United States. The industry is ripe for a new way to dine with a chocolate twist! 3 Some Chocolates Cuisine will offer not just chocolate but a variety of flavorful Food combinations in threes!

We are an eye-catching, edgy company with a competitive advantage because we offer a delicious product, shock value and an unforgettable experience x3!

 Our Story

We started with our brand of 3 Some Chocolates by offering our customers the best of 3 worlds in one, with the infusion of three different chocolates; dark, milk and white, in our bars and offered it in a pack of 3. We gave chocolate a new twist, different from anything currently offered in the market by allowing our customers to create their own chocolate experience! Now we offer so many more variations and combinations of not just the traditional milk, white and dark chocolate but as well as caramel infused dips and the all new ruby chocolate! 

3 Some Chocolates Investment Event

Since our founding, 3 Some Chocolates has sold over 350,000 units! Our goal is to mass produce our chocolate and other items under 3 Some Chocolates Cuisine for sale in supermarkets, luxury good stores and specialty food markets across the country.

A Strong Team Dedicated to Growing the Company

The founders of 3 Some Chocolates, Patrick and Kristin, have worked nonstop over the last 3 years building a brand that people respect and love. They are trained chocolatiers, having studied in the chocolate capital of the world, Belgium at the largest chocolate manufacturing facility in the world, Barry Callebaut. They are dedicated to giving their clients the best and most delicious experience. 

We put passion and love into every item we make. Everything is handcrafted and we pay attention and take care of every detail from packaging, to flavor, taste, design and presentation. Our work is a delicious form of art and we take pride in all we create! We have received over 250 FIVE star ratings on Google, our Website and Facebook, which helps us understand what the customer wants, encouraging us to constantly improve.

Founders of 3 Some Chocolates, Kristin and Patrick

Become part of an exclusive brand!

3 Some Chocolates and its Jerk Chocolate confections are trademarked with the United States Patent and Trademark Office which means you won't find our products anywhere else! We are a unique brand that has taken the time to protect our hard work to ensure that we can offer our customers something memorable, delicious and exclusive such as our sweet and spicy Jerk Chocolate Bites!

3 Some Chocolates has over 40 unique items available on 3SomeChocolates.com and these are the items that we would like to manufacture and distribute from our new Chocolate Cuisine location. Currently, our customers have the opportunity to customize their chocolate online giving them a chance to fully personalize their experience.  We would like to have this available to our customers at our Chocolate Cuisine franchise location making it interactive and enjoyable. One our most loved items are our assortment of truffles. They are our handmade delicious delicatessens filled with creamy caramel centers that come plain or infused with liquor of your choice! 

We at 3 Some Chocolates took the time to protect our company and created something of value because the name  3 Some Chocolates alone holds value. Our name is catchy and fun and all our products come 3 in 1!  

Investing in 3 Some Chocolates is supporting a brand that is innovative and understands that owning your idea is important!

So far 3 Some Chocolates has shipped chocolate to 49 states as well as to several countries. The demand for our brand is high and with the the right funding we can grow the brand to its highest potential.  

Brussels, Belgium

3 Some Chocolates currently has a strong online presence with most sales coming from a direct search followed by google searches and then social media and Amazon. Our worldwide reach and brand recognition has set the stage for the success of 3 Some Chocolates Cuisine.

At chocolate expos, our chocolate shop is always filled with customers who at first stop and stare at our name and then always walk over to see what the rave is all about! They all leave with bags full of chocolate! 

The Chocolate Industry is a World-Wide $50 Billion a Year Business

There is so much room for growth and innovation within the chocolate industry, especially for a company as unique as 3 Some Chocolates Cuisine. By the year 2023 the United States, revenue in the Chocolate Confectionery segment alone will grow to over $30 million. 

With the right funding 3 Some Chocolates Cuisine will be able to successfully compete within this market because our products are unlike anything currently available to consumers. Our concept is even more unique because our Chocolate Cuisine will also enter into a lucrative US restaurant industry which has reached a record high of $863 billion dollars in 2019, up 3.6% from 2018. 

Imagine yourself in Las Vegas looking for some place new, different and fun to eat! You walk into 3 Some Chocolates Cuisine where we offer you not just one but three different ways to enjoy your favorite dishes or drinks! You no longer have to choose just one way to have your meal prepared when you can have all 3 different ways all on 1 plate! That is what we call your meal being "threesomeized"! This new way of looking at how our customers can dine out is why we think people will love our innovative restaurant theme because our customers are already giving us great feedback on our current products! 

The Chocolate Cuisine, Flavorful x3!

Get ready to have a phenomenal experience when we open our first Chocolate Cuisine where you can dine and enjoy unique dishes. Our products and our service are made for you to share a memorable experience while indulging in the taste of various flavors x3 . You should never have a 3 Some alone!

Check out our Preliminary Rendering for our Chocolate Cuisine where you can come in and enjoy delicious flavors x3!

Moving our Online Store to Retail Storefronts

Currently, all of our exclusive products are only available in our online store 3SomeChocolates.com. We would like the Chocolate Cuisine location that serves food but will also have our online store in house.

Our plan is to have 3 Shops in one: our Chocolate Shop, our Chocolate Lounge and our Chocolate Cuisine. The Chocolate Cuisine will also serve as the production location for our chocolate where we can then distribute to other stores such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and many other specialty shops around the country and eventually the world. With an industrial manufacturing location, we will be able to produce more, cut the average cost per product and make it more accessible to consumers everywhere.  Below are just a few of the delicious confections we offer online,  such as our infused caramel dips; ruby, dark and mint chocolate bars; ruby, mint and dark chocolate truffles; our famous henny truffles; our new gold chocolate infused with dark chocolate bars;  and our signature milk, white and dark chocolate bars. We have so many more ideas for unique items!

3 Some Chocolates Online Store

There are over 40 unique items that will now be sold, manufactured and distributed by 3 Some Chocolates Cuisine. Here are the top 5 most popular items sold.

Everything you see at 3 Some Chocolates was done by a two-person team. There is so much more we can achieve with the proper funding and support from our future investors!

So join us on our chocolate journey and help us revolutionize the chocolate industry x3!!!

Visit 3SomeChocolates to learn more and don't forget to, "Get Some 3 Some!"


Patrick Glanville, CEO and President

Kristin Parker Glanville, CEO and CFO

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