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💥 Forbes and CNN Featured! Gov't Funded Breakthrough Fuel-Cell Technology- Waste to Energy💥

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Investor Panel

David interviewed ZERO CARBON INC. on May 25, 2021. Play Video
David Ma
Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor & Business Consultant
says, "The payback period and technology seem almost too good to be true! If this thing works, it's really going to work and become massive. It's a major alignment of incentives across clean tech + waste disposal needs + good financial sense."
says, "What are the reasons someone would not want this? Switching costs? Whatever the reasons are, focus on these removing these roadblocks quickly and this becomes an amazing business that investors would want to pour money into."

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Exclusive Interview with Julien Uhlig
May 11, 2021
Today we'd like to introduce you to Julien Uhlig.
How Breakthrough Technology Is Converting Waste into Energy to Solve the Ocean Waste Pandemic
May 11, 2021
Denpasar - After 15 years of development and laboratory tests, EX Venture released Zero Carbon, a portable waste conversion system that will change how communities turn waste into useful...
Julien Uhlig - Schneider Electric Blog
May 2, 2021
Welcome to the Schneider Electric Blog Global Specialist in Energy Management and Automation
Waste-to-energy-entrade-mission-ahead cnn-business
May 2, 2021
Entrade is building mini power plants that are fueled by green waste and create cleaner, self-sustaining energy.
Exclusive Interview with Julien Uhlig of Zero Carbon
May 2, 2021
Today we'd like to introduce you to Julien Uhlig.
Entrade: Most Innovative Company | Fast Company
May 2, 2021
Read more about Entrade on Fast Company
L.A. Biomass Energy Firm Signs Japanese Deal During Mayor's Asia Trade Mission
May 1, 2021
Arensis, a downtown Los Angeles-based biomass to energy system provider, and Japanese biomass energy pellet producer Green Mark Energy Co., have signed an agreement for a 2-megawatt energy project in Japan.
EX Venture Night: Innovatoren zeigen Ingenieurskunst
August 20, 2020
Cleantech-Unternehmen sind oft sehr innovativ, teilweise mangelt es ihnen aber am Kapital, ihre Technologien rasch weltweit zum Einsatz zu bringen. Der Entrepreneur Julien Uhlig will das mit seinem Team und einer neuen Bewegung ändern. Dazu startet am 3. September 2020 das virtuelle Event EX Cleantech Venture Night, zu dem sich schon mehr als 1.400 (!)
Trash Into Fuel: How ENTRADE X Is Making Renewable Energy Accessible
November 26, 2018
Climate change is already upon us, leading to extreme weather patterns, environmental migration, and many other major consequences worldwide. So it's bittersweet to realize that today, as you read this, we have the technology to make a difference. What's stopping us?
Biomass - Lufthansa Technik to use biomass power for aircraft overhaul site in Puerto Rico - Renewable Energy Magazine, at the heart of clean energy journalism
May 22, 2017
Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico announced the agreement of a supply contract with Entrade involving two Trigeneration plants which will begin operating in May 2017. The two plants will be deployed in two 20 foot containers next to two aircraft hangars which will make them visually inconspicuous.
How one company is transforming trash into clean energy
February 13, 2017
Trash is a big problem. From massive landfills to the pollution swirling in the ocean, there's a waste issue on our planet - and humans are to blame for it. But what if we could turn that trash into energy? For years this kind of closed loop system has been nothing more than a pipedream of the eco-conscious.
German firm aims to compactly convert radioactive Fukushima wood into power
October 30, 2016
Japan is turning to a small German company to generate power from timber irradiated by the 2011 Fukushima No. 1 nuclear meltdowns. Closely held Entrade Energiesysteme AG will sell electricity from 400 of its container-size biomass-to-power machines set up in Fukushima Prefecture, said Julien Uhlig, the Duesseldorf-based company's chief executive officer.
Multibrennstoff-Minikraftwerk: Biomasse statt Diesel
January 8, 2016
Manche schlaue Idee aus der Vergangenheit ist, etwas aufgefrischt, auch für die Zukunft gut. Die ganz Alten erinnern sich, dass nach dem Krieg mangels Benzin Holzvergaser an die Autos gebaut wurden. Unter Spotzen und Spratzeln setzte sich das Gefährt mit etwas Glück in Bewegung, die Gase aus dem erhitzten Holz nährten die Verbrennung im Motor.
Absolute power: Africa, opera and Oktoberfest with Entrade founder Julien Uhlig - CityAM
September 6, 2015
When I meet Julien Uhlig, he's in the middle of liaising with the Globe Theatre. They used to have a poster of him from when he sung at the opening of the theatre in 1997, he explains. While in London, he's keen to get hold of it, if they've "still got it lying around".
Startups: Teuer, aber nützlich
February 22, 2014
Worauf junge Unternehmen achten müssen, wenn sie über die Börse an Geld kommen wollen. Der Emissionsprospekt umfasste 152 eng beschriebene Seiten. Zwei Wirtschaftsprüfer, drei Steuerberater und eine Handvoll Anwälte hatten ihn beraten, für den Aufsichtsrat konnte er einen Ex-Commerzbank-Manager und einen früheren KPMG-Partner gewinnen: Zwei Jahre lang hatte Julien Uhlig sein Unternehmen Entrade auf den Gang an die Börse vorbereitet, Anfang 2014 soll der erste Handelstag sein.
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