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Young Revolutionary Minds LLC

Hip Hop Tech Branding Company

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Our Founder

I care because this is my life calling. This is what I was born to do

Jesse Forte and YRM

From being homeless to becoming a successful artist, author, and entrepreneur, Jesse Forte’s journey will inspire many to achieve their dreams

In addition to being a talented singer and rapper with powerful vocal delivery and impeccable songwriting skills, Jesse Forte is also a successful author, podcaster, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Young Revolutionary Minds LLC, a technology and branding company focused on bridging the gap between music and technology. As an author, he published books like “Redemption: The road less traveled” and “Fail Forward Through Success”.

Through his “Young Revolutionary Minds” podcast, he provides an opportunity to the listeners to learn about cross-collaboration, personal journeys, technology, new businesses, and the story of the leaders, athletes, artists, authors, and philanthropist who are creating the future. He is also a world traveler, acting as an agent of change in third world countries, focusing on community development and curriculum strategy for at-risk youth.

“I built Young Revolutionary Minds podcast, which has expanded into a conference, company, and networking opportunity for so many. It's been a blessing to see how thoughts can translate into organizations. I've also built a social platform through Young Revolutionary Minds geared toward connecting the future thought leaders, entertainers, change-makers, and much more!”, states Jesse Forte, talking about his multiple projects.

Before riding high on success and becoming a change agent for many individuals, businesses, and musicians, Jesse Forte has faced his fair share of struggles. At point one point of his life, he was homeless and using music as an escape and meal ticket, by performing on the streets, and subways. Music has been an inseparable part of his life, whether he was playing division 1 football, traveling, or working up his entrepreneurial spirits.

During his college years, Jesse started rapping in the locker room and cafeteria, doing rap battles with his friends. He went onto perform in Puerto Rico, and India before landing in New York, where he found himself homeless and performing music for survival. Eventually, he moved back to Arizona to live with his grandmother and arranged make-shift recording equipment to make music. Fast forward to the present day, he recently launched a 6 song EP that captures the essence of his gritty journey. Taking his listeners from 0 to over 140,000 monthly and over 350,000 streams in less than 2 months.

Sending a message to his music fans and all readers, Jesse says, “I appreciate you and if I inspire you along the way, great! My job is to be a tool so that one day you can gather the inspiration necessary for you to live your dreams. It's possible for all of us, we just need to do the work.”

Jesse also insists his fans to make an account at under the members tab and follow him on Instagram @the.jforte for more updates.

Contact Details

Company: Young Revolutionary Minds LLC.

Contact Name: Jesse N. Forte

Email: [email protected]


Country: United States Of America