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Yoodlize is a peer-to-peer rental platform

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Raised $200k in SAFE notes prior to this Wefunder campaign. Raising $500k here on Wefunder.
30% of accounts make transactions
Tested product-market fit over a one year pilot
The founder has started several businesses and recruited an experienced team for Yoodlize
An easy side hustle that allows people to earn money off of stuff they already own
The timing is right: with the wide acceptance of peer-to-peer platforms like Airbnb and Uber

Our Team

CEO / Founder
Jason has started multiple businesses around the world and was faculty at Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Business. Jason considers himself the Chief Editing Officer and the leader that sees the forest through the trees.
During a business brainstorm session, the founder's 14-year-old daughter said "dad, why don't you start a business that connects people to each other's things." She reminded him of how they would often speculate that someone nearby must have the item they wanted, and would likely rent it to them if only they had a way to connect to each other.
CTO / Founder
Jeremy has worked in many Silicon Slopes businesses, including as senior developer at and director at Dev Mountain. Because of his educational background, Jeremy is excellent in quickly advancing the skills of the developers he works with.
CPO / Founder
Natalie co-founded Bamba Water and Bestway with Jason in Kenya. She also runs a food service company. At Yoodlize, Natalie wears many hats: finance, budgeting, customer service, QA, and UX/UI design.

Meet Yoodlize

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