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😎 Over 1,200 companies signed up for our Beta
🔏 Over 490 hosts signed up to list 3,100 properties on our platform.
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Our Team

We are Workbnb!

My name is Yeves Perez. I'm the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Workbnb, Inc., a Delaware C-corp established in Nevada. I’m a proud father, startup ecosystem builder, and advocate for traveling workers. After years of experience as the Housing Coordinator for PKL Homes and co-managing over 45+ rental properties and servicing over 200 plus Corporate/ business travelers with their extended stay needs, in 2021 I took action to found an alternative booking platform I called Workbnb.

Next, I recruited UNR student Daj’Anique Staples to join as President, and together we created a private Facebook page called the Workbnb App Coalition group. We developed the framework for an app to make it fast and easy for companies to safely secure housing for multiple workers in different cities.

Then to test our hypothesis and set goals to achieve product-market-fit, we began conducting in-depth "client interviews" with real under-valued end-users (traveling workers) within construction, nursing, IT, and other industries in need of a comfortable place to work in a new area for weeks, and months at a time. With rights to extend.

We then recruited David Acosta and Angie Sotelo, to join as Founding Board members and we began to build a B2B travel startup from the ground up based on data published by the US Beaurue of Labor Statistics, The US Travel Association, and other studies conducted on essential workers and remote work. One such survey of more than 1,000 hiring managers implies that 40.7 million Americans expect to be working remotely by 2026, or almost 28% of respondents, according to a report by online freelance company Upwork, Inc.

This trend evolved into a surge of demand for the Workbnb app from employers looking for "workforce rental homes/properties" to house their workers post-covid to boost employee morale as the demand for remote work continues to accelerate. Then, reality hit that millions more essential workers could be hitting the road in the coming years, thanks to Joe Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.

It was at this point that Daj'Anqiue, the Board, and I devised a plan to "bootstrap" a pathway hire Abrupt Technology to build the Workbnb MVP, a native application designed for enterprise accounts and third-party bookings. We permit travel managers, project managers, and office admins to create divisions/ teams then book large amounts of available units at one time.

Workbnb sells “time” wasted searching for temporary housing.


There is a major shortage of reliable rental properties in almost every market for traveling workers to leverage for weeks, and months at a time. If an employer wants to rent a whole house or multiple homes and apartments for their workers the existing options available are hotels and vacation rental properties. Both of which are overpriced, subjective to volatile pricing model, and limited in space and services. It's rare that employers can quickly book a reasonably priced rental, that makes traveling workers feel like they're getting "Red carpet treatment."

Unfortunately, the majority of traveling workers get the “stained carpet treatment”. This stems from HR, Office Admins, and travel managers who are deciding where Workers are staying and for how long based on accessibility, and with now with the pressure of a labor crisis… Employers are feeling the pressure to treat their traveling worforce better.

Our is solution is to help employers “boost employee morale” with a different product we call workforce rental homes. These fully-furnished apartments, single-family residences, townhomes, duplexes, or condominiums are strategically designated for temporary, mid-term extended stay terms for essential workers and relocators such as traveling doctors and nurses, lab technicians, contractors, engineers, journeymen linemen, remote workers, and more. Special features include dedicated workstations, workshops, tool storage, etc.

Only workforce rental homes will be permitted to be listed on the Workbnb app.

Value add for business:

The advantage for enterprises using Workbnb is “boosting employee morale” as workers accept their next travel assignments.

Value add for renters:

Our value proposition is simple for vacation rental owners who’ve had bad experiences. We’re giving them an opportunity to pivot toward a steadier revenue stream and a renter who will take better care of their home. However, Workbnb, Inc will require standards to be met before a list is permitted to go live.

What makes Workbnb different is we have no interest in competing with hotel operators nor vacation rental platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, nor Expedia or

Our B2B user journey supports under-valued “third party bookings” with an enterprise account and unique controls and processes to simplify the transactions.

55 million Americans are considered essential workers, and 10 million work in construction, of which 32 percent travel often (3-25 times per year). The demand for rental properties for traveling essential workers is larger than ever before.


  • We've developed an MVP, developed a wait-list of over 1,200 companies interested in using our platform. While building the waitlist, we've spent considerable time developing the "Workbnb App Coalition Facebook group. Through that group, we've built a community of over 490 hosts that will be offering 3,100 properties on our platform.
    • Our most notable client to signup to alpha test the Workbnb app MVP is Ames Construction, the 74th largest Industrial General Contractor in the US.

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