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Invest in Withfriends (YC W19)

Making subscriptions easy for every business



reserved of a $50,000 goal
 $15M  $14M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $100K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $14M valuation cap
$500, $1K, $5K
Tyler Whitmer
I'm investing (more) in withfriends because I believe in community, I value small businesses, and I'm excited to see withfriends help small businesses build their own communities (and to see everyone make money doing it). Small businesses of all kinds need recurring revenue to succeed, especially in the current environment. withfriends is well-positioned to lead the market in providing easy-to-use tools for small businesses to turn what would have been one-time customers into subscribers and members--a community that helps small businesses thrive culturally and financially. And withfriends itself is structured to take a reasonable cut of the resulting recurring revenue. It really is doing well by doing good. I've been in the loop with the company from early in their journey, and I'm more confident than ever that the founders can execute on their vision.
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🤑 6% of business' customers become subscribers; boosting revenue by 60%
💪 Our model reduces subscription churn by 50% compared to industry average
🛍 3,400 members subscribed to 21 businesses
📊 $595k in annual GMV; $42k ARR
🗽 Founders have 10+ years experience as entrepreneurs in New York City

Our Team

Small businesses are at the core of what makes culture unique and special. Subscriptions fundamentally change the relationship that consumers have with the businesses they frequent, and we believe that ultimately makes for a more exciting and diverse society. We built it first for us and now want to share it with the world.


Click the slide for examples of subscription boxes
Click the slide to see the features in action
Click for a link to the 2018 McKinsey Report

In addition to our deck, here are some of the product shots from our upcoming Shopify App Marketplace listing. Examples are from our demo account; Thyme Teas.

Checkout upsell and membership tiers
SMS and email upsell
Customer analytics and membership tier onboarding interface
Subscription box and member management
Discount badge and automated Shopify fulfillment
Signup testimonials on social and subscription box discovery

🔗 Link to recorded Clubhouse pitch night on Startup Club