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Developing The First Disease Modifying Drug to Regenerate Peripheral Nerves

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raised from 33 investors
$500M valuation cap Future Equity
$250, $500, $1K, $10K
Kevin Burke
WinSanTor has a drug in FDA trials that shows significant promise in combating neuropathy. Neuropathy causes debilitating loss of feeling, particularly in digits that can impede simple function and even walking. It’s generally caused by diabetes, chemotherapy, or nervous system disease. This is a significant global market opportunity without similar competing compounds. The drug has been in use in western countries for 30 years which should be helpful to its approval process. In addition, WinSanTor has transitioned this compound from tablet form to topical. This reformulation may be an additional opportunity for the company for other ingestible tablets that may be converted to topical use.


Drug regenerating peripheral nerves (humans) - combating direct cause of peripheral neuropathy
Repurposed medication w/ UNPARALLELED safety profile in FINAL phase (PH3) of clinical studies (DPN)
UNMET need affecting 100s of millions, ignored/neglected by industry, e.g., few, if any, competitors
VALIDATED science rewarded by innovation grants (>$40M) and licensing deal (>$200M + royalty)
Strong economic MOAT (the top KOLs, patents & other intellectual property, partners and strategy)
CEO's past companies were snatched by tech giants Qualcomm and Apple, tech now standards in industry
Industry ICONS lead our board, driving disruptive and transformative changes in healthcare
LAST crowdfunding investment opportunity before drug approval and IPO (~2-3 years)

Our Team

WinSanTor was not started as a typical company. Similar to the COVID story (infectious diseases), peripheral neuropathy was neglected by industry (and investors). The leading stakeholders gathered and funded the top researchers in DPN to find solutions. We were lucky. They just happened to discover a way to regenerate nerves, thus WST.