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Wind Harvest

Double the Energy from Wind Farms

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Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Ali, Todd, Luke, and Fares interviewed Wind Harvest on June 1, 2020. Play Video
Ali Ahmed
Co-founder and CEO of Robomart
Todd Folk
Founder/CEO of AppApp 10+ years in the hospitality industry. Serial Entrepreneur, Tobacconist, & Rum aficionado.
Luke Iseman
Founder of boxouse, growerbot, Soil IQ, Dirtnail, and more. Former Director of Hardware at Y Combinator.
Fares Ksebati
CEO of MySwimPro
says, "Novel idea, multi-year head start over the competition."
says, "Very clear plan to increase generation at existing wind farms with an understory of Wind Harvest turbines."
says, "The market is moving in a favorable direction for this business and it’s clear there is a new technology with this company that has a lot of potential. It seems that there is a high barrier to entry and length development process that gives this business a head start!"
says, "Energy is probably the biggest market in the world - with the pressure to go more green, there is a lot of opportunities here."
says, "Execute quicker, find a way to quickly deploy a pilot. This can be done through strategic corporate partnerships or proof of concept demonstrations."
says, "I’d like to hear some more about the long-term vision: how much power can you generate and how compelling is ROI in places like Barbados, where you install these separate from traditional wind farms?"
says, "The timeline for execution is more clear now than in years prior, but could be refined to give investors a better sense of what’s to come in 12, 24, and 36 months. Very exciting opportunity ahead! Best of luck!"
says, "While the project has seen a lot of forward momentum, there is still a lot of development being worked on - clarity on what the investors should expect will help create a positive atmosphere of future investments down the road - set expectations correctly since this is a long term project."

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The Nearness of Wind
January 15, 2021
What do you think of when you hear the wind blow? Or see clouds flying across the sky? If you ask most people about capturing the power of wind, they picture a towering wind turbine. In fact, the clean energy industry may be missing out on an oft-ignored resource: low-lying winds.
Wind Harvest raising money for near-ground wind technology - Sacramento Business Journal
November 13, 2020
Sacramento-based near-ground wind turbine technology company Wind Harvest International Inc. is trying to raise $3 million to validate its utility-scale generating capability. The company founders have been working since 2006 on its technology, which can generate electricity using wind present at low altitudes in existing wind farms which currently use 100-foot-tall towers with large propeller blades.
Harvesting Near-Ground Winds with Advanced Compact Turbines
October 22, 2020
Compact (H-type) vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWTs) are not as familiar as their horizontal-axis, propeller-type cousins. The two have their origins in the windmills of the 12th century, and even earlier, but the former has lacked financing, and research and development resources that have been ...
How to harvest plentiful low-level winds on existing wind farms
July 9, 2020
By Kevin Wolf / Chief Operating Officer / Wind Harvest International / [email protected] Wind farms in California and other regions of the world exist only in relatively small geographic regions.1 Most of these resource areas have reached their physical or political2 limits in their ability to install additional propeller-type, horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWTs).3 Nonetheless, many...
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