WebStreet Round 5

Own a Slice of the Internet: Invest in Portfolios of Online Assets

Last Funded June 2023


raised from 58 investors


WebStreet Founders started Empire Flippers, an online asset marketplace w/ $400M+ in sales
Earlier WebStreet portfolios raised $22M from 300+ investors & delivered 3-4% quarterly returns [1]
Previously only available at high minimums to accredited investors/private equity
Portfolios managed by thoroughly vetted industry experts with skin in the game

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Our Team

Unlocking a Market

Imagine there was a ballooning market that surpassed $5 TRILLION in worldwide sales in 2021. (source)

Imagine this high-performing market could quickly deliver positive cash flow on a monthly basis and was non-correlated. 

Now, imagine you could invest in this market early and passively, like buying stocks or bonds.

Sounds great, right?

The ballooning market you’re imagining is e-commerce, or online assets that make money off advertising, digital marketing or selling merchandise online - like that tech website you love, the pet blog you read for training advice, or the Amazon store where you buy home decor.

*Results not guaranteed and investors could lose their entire investment.

But you have to know how.

Historically, online assets have only been accessible to private equity firms or accredited investors, leaving the average investor locked out. They also require deep expertise, time, and capital to grow.

WebStreet was launched to unlock this asset class.

This is not an experimental business model: it’s been successful before. [1]

It just hasn’t been accessible to you.

The money you invest with us is directly for you!

WebStreet (fka Empire Flippers Capital) was founded by the same founders that brought about Empire Flippers, the largest curated marketplace for online assets in the world.

Through Empire Flippers, we saw firsthand the power of online assets, with over 400 million dollars in transaction volume on our marketplace to prove itOur mission was to make online asset investing mainstream, and we’ve found the way with WebStreet.

Starting in 2021, we funded 4 rounds of similar portfolios with our network of accredited investors. Now, we’re opening Round 5 for Wefunder investors to invest alongside our accredited investors for the first time. Join us!

Capitalize on a Recessionary Opportunity

Today's turbulent market creates a unique opportunity for growth. Recessions last 10 months on average (source), and the expected hold period for WebStreet investments is 2-4 years. While online businesses aren’t immune to recessions, they can capitalize on the period of expansion that typically follows.

We know you have questions. Don’t fret, we have answers.

How Does It Work?

Once the funding is complete, the portfolio managers purchase the online assets and then do what they do best: manage and grow the portfolio.

WebStreet handles all communications between investors and portfolio managers. Investors don't need to worry about capital calls or being involved in business operations. It’s a completely passive investment with annual reports and profit distributions. In 2-4 years, the assets will be sold and the sale proceeds will be distributed back to investors.

* Distributions are subject to available profits, which cannot be guaranteed.

Here’s a video explaining how it works. NOTE: this was framed for our earlier rounds with accredited investors only, but the specifics are the same for this Wefunder offer.

What are the Terms?

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

The breakdown of the profit split is as follows:

  • Investors - 66.7%
  • Portfolio Managers - 20%
  • WebStreet - 10%
  • Independent Advisors - 3.3%

WebStreet is raising funds through sale of other unit classes and 66.7% will be shared between all investors, with Class D (Wefunder investors) expected to represent no more than 33% of all investment.

If there are no independent advisors, which could be affiliates of WebStreet, the 3.3% will go to WebStreet.

To be crystal clear:

  • Investors keep 66.7% of profits from regular cash flow.
  • Investors keep 66.7% of any increase in value when the asset is sold.
  • If the asset is sold for less than the purchase price, investors recoup their money first.

Go here for a downloadable financial model to test out different assumptions (File --> Make a Copy): WebStreet x Wefunder - Financial Projections.

It has to be stated: there are no guarantees on the returns projected. Online businesses are volatile by nature and are high-risk investments. Only invest the amount you'd be 100% fine with losing. [2]

How Did the Previous Rounds Perform?

Over the last 24 months, we launched 4 rounds under EF Capital (now WebStreet) for our network of accredited investors. These rounds brought in $22M+ in investments from 300+ investors.

The online assets purchased in the first 4 rounds include:

  • Websites: 4 tech, 3 pets, 4 outdoor/camping, 2 home & garden, 3 fashion, 3 education, 1 automotive.
  • Amazon stores: 8 home & garden, 4 education, 1 pets.

* Past performance not indicative of future success and no guarantee as to performance of Round 5.

Cash Yields are calculated as cash distributed to investors over total amount invested.

What Are the Portfolios?

For Round 5, we have 3 portfolios on the table. Click the links below to see full specifics of each one, including the portfolio manager past accomplishments, core competencies, and investment thesis.

Go here for the full 8022 Portfolio Page.Go here for the full 8023 Portfolio Page.Go here for the full 8024 Portfolio Page.

*Past performance not indicative of future performance. Results not guaranteed.

What's in it for the Portfolio Managers and WebStreet?

Each portfolio manager’s focus is to create the best possible investment performance. They have skin in the game since the better their portfolios perform, the more money they personally make and the more funds come their way in the future. The same goes for us at WebStreet.

What's the Timeline?

*Figures provided are estimates and actual timeframes may be shorter or longer. Investments are speculative, distributions cannot be guaranteed and investors could lose their entire investment.

How Are the Portfolio Managers Chosen?

WebStreet is building an elite roster of the top portfolio managers and online business entrepreneurs in the world. We leaned on Empire Flippers’ best practices for vetting and the outcome of our rigorous standards have paid off.

Our bar was set high and we rejected 95%+ of applicants – out of 400+, we have only selected 13 high performers to date. 

Does the Fractional Model Work?

Yes. You can see it at play with alternative investment platforms like Masterworks, Roofstock, or Crowd Street. Fine art, wine, and whiskey are sold this way. These platforms offer investors an opportunity to own alternative assets outside of the stock market.

Why WebStreet?

Over the last decade, Empire Flippers built the most cutting-edge technology platform for buying and selling online businesses and a network of world-class portfolio managers with successful track records. This is the foundation for WebStreet.

Our Founders -- Justin, Joe and Managing Partner Mike -- realized through Empire Flippers that people wanted exposure to the high upside of online businesses but didn’t necessarily have the knowledge or skill set to do it. 

They took what they learned from Empire Flippers and founded WebStreet.

WebStreet selects and vets portfolio managers, helps in performing due diligence on the assets being purchased, and performs ongoing reporting along with a third-party bookkeeping firm, allowing the portfolio managers to focus on managing the assets.

Our seasoned team is built out, and with our curated community of elite portfolio managers at the helm, this rare opportunity is positioned for moonshot.

Become an early adopter of this asset class and own a slice of the internet!

While we have a large and active global community who already bought into what we built at WebStreet, we want to extend the invitation to investors beyond our current circles. Because at the end of the day, the bigger the pond, the bigger the fish!


[1] Past performance does not predict future success or success of your investment.

[2] This overview may include or be based in part on projections, valuations, estimates and other financial data supplied by third parties, which has not been verified by WebStreet. This information should not be relied upon for the purpose of investing or for any other purpose. Any information regarding projected or estimated investment returns are estimates only and should not be considered indicative of the actual results that may be realized or predictive of the performance of the Company. The information contained herein has been prepared by WebStreet to assist interested parties in making their evaluation of the Company and does not  purport to contain all of the information that a party may desire. In all cases, interested parties should conduct and rely on their own investigation and analysis of the Company

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