Bring your Office into Virtual and Augmented Reality

Last Funded August 2019


raised from 352 investors


TRACTION: 30,000 users. 4,000 virtual meetings, 107 countries.
TEAM: Founders are ex-Cisco executives and pioneers in the enterprise collaboration and AR/VR spaces.
VISION: Help humanity work from anywhere.
BENEFITS: Reduces: time spent commuting, cost of office space/equipment, and business travel. Enhances your interactions with work and people.

Our Team

Our Vision

We love technology, but it's supposed to enable more effective productivity, provide better connections to others, and allow us to achieve it all from anywhere.  Instead of improving our lives, it tends to complicate and inundate; we deserve better.  We need technology that sustains our careers and our personal lives, and we shouldn't have to sacrifice one to be successful at the other.

Consider the "remote work" movement, where you have full control of your work/life schedule.  You could have a productive morning then decide to hit the gym or have lunch with your kids at school – possibilities that don't exist when you work 45 minutes away.  And yet the video conferencing tools and messaging apps, that remote workers are forced to rely on, simply can't provide the kind of presence needed to genuinely connect with a team or its company culture.  If those relationships become stagnant, you may end up becoming devalued, while the more visible colleagues may gain favor and promotions in your absence.

In 2015, when a group of ex-Cisco and Microsoft execs witnessed the vast capabilities of VR and AR, they started to connect the dots.  Could an entire workplace become digital? Why not wrap the video conferencing app, group chat app, all your monitors and your office space into one?  Can a virtual environment sufficiently connect you with your work and with others?  Could such a platform become mobile enough to require only a VR/AR headset?  Most importantly, can the adoption of this technology help us improve and balance our lives?

Beta Launch

Founded in early 2016, vSpatial quickly moved from idea to reality. Armed with our bold vision to “Help Humanity Work from Anywhere”, we sought out and found like-minded investors who invested $3.3 million to help bring vSpatial to the world. In the fall of 2017, vSpatial became a free early access offering in the Oculus and Steam Stores.

The message was clear – people are ready to work in VR. Within months, we had thousands in our early access program providing feedback and encouragement. In 2018, we added 20,000 to that early access program, and hosted over 4,000 VR meetings in 107 countries. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive:

  • 5/5 stars: “Very good app, smart efficient, hope the developers invest more time in the upgrading of this excellent APP...”
  • 4/5 stars: “The best productivity suite I have seen so far. Easy to use and lots of features…”
  • Thumbs up: “This should not be free. This is the type of VR app I’ve been waiting for...”
  • Thumbs up: “My dreams of an ‘infinity workspace’ have come true. This app is smooth and easy to dive right into…”

Validating our Vision

“The ultimate computer for me is the mixed reality world.” 
Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

“In a few years, we’re not going to be able to imagine our lives without AR.”
Tim Cook, CEO, Apple

“It is much better than a video conference...you can do work together.”
(When asked about using VR for work meetings)

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and Chairman, Facebook

Our Invitation To You

Our goal is to make the biggest splash we possibly can with our product launch this summer.  The money will help fund the marketing of our product online, as well as the many face-to-face opportunities we'll have this summer to show off our platform.  Additionally, the success of this campaign will give us the ability to continue to pay our developers to do this incredible work.

We've built this platform for people like ourselves, investors like you, and all of the teams we've supported so far. With the success of this WeFunder campaign we'll finally be able to take this platform to the rest of the world, and since this will be the last opportunity to invest in a pre-revenue vSpatial we hope you’ll join us on our journey!