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Bringing the high-end food industry to you

Last Funded June 2023


raised from 96 investors


Tackling potential $350 billion market
+ 25.000 users on the platform
Generated +1.500.000€ in revenue to partners
€50 Average Order Value compared to €15 industry average
Onboarded over 100 of the Best Restaurants in Portugal
Commitments from 4 Michelin Star chefs to launch new food concepts
Partnership with El Corte Inglés. Biggest retailer in Iberia.

Our Team

Why Volup?

As people increasingly turn to the convenience of having their meals delivered straight to their door, the high-end food segment is falling behind and missing their part of a soon-to-be 350 billion dollar industry. They have yet to adapt to the demands of this new market, missing out on their chance to reach a wider customer base and increase their profits.

High-end restaurants & chefs are rarely collaborating with traditional delivery platforms, for a number of reasons.

  • Platforms charge high commissions that largely decrease the margins of restaurants, up until a point where delivery is unprofitable.
  • Traditional platforms allow everyone to partner with them, with no regards for quality. Because of their focus on quantity over quality, low quality restaurants can easily join. Brand image and reputation is extremely important for the high-end segment, and joining traditional platforms can create negative spillovers from being related to restaurants that are not up to their standards.
  • Because traditional platforms offer no solution, the high-end segment had to do delivery in-house. However, this is not a cost-effective solution, with the restaurants lacking the know-how and technological experience.
  • Packaging and transport should be adapted to ensure the quality of the food.

The food delivery industry is huge, and it's only getting bigger. In recent years, the demand for food delivery services has skyrocketed, and it's expected to continue to grow at an unprecedented rate. With the industry expected to be worth more than 350$ billion by 2028, the coming years provide a unique opportunity for the high-end food segment to join this trend.

At Volup, we are offering a solution for the high-end food segment by creating a platform that bundles together the best restaurants, chefs and food concepts available.

By carefully selecting and curating the restaurants we work with, we make sure that every order on Volup reaches our quality standards. We collaborate with our partners, creating and adapting menus that are optimized for delivery. Together, we aim to increase the sales of our partners, proving to be more than just a delivery service.

After creating the menus, we consult and deliver our partners with specialized packaging for each dish, making sure that the quality remains unaffected. Furthermore, Volup drivers use patented insulated bags, created specifically for this purpose.

We provide our partners with a full-on tech solution to manage the digital version of the restaurant through automated processes that simplifies their operation.

Users can place their orders through our mobile application, offering a smooth and modern design. By using the multi-order option, it is possible to combine up to 3 different restaurants in 1 single order, making Volup the only app in the world offering this service.

Since our launch, Volup has grown exponentially, generating more than €1.5 million in sales for our partners. We are adding new partners every month and have proven that this market segment needed Volup to access a customer base soon-to-be worth 350 $ billion.

Volup offers a broad offer of cuisines, collaborating with renowned Michelin Star Chefs as well as local favorites. More than 50% of our partners are working exclusively with Volup.

With the food delivery industry struggling to become profitable through their focus on quantity over quality, we are flipping the business model, by working exclusively with high-end partners.

We are looking to duplicate our partner base within the next year, while also collaborating with 4 Michelin Star Chefs to create new exclusive food concepts for Volup. Our exclusive partnerships, industry know-how and projected growth, will allow us to expand Volup beyond Portugal.

With the food delivery industry booming, attractive opportunities arise, also for the high-end segment. Caviar was acquired by DoorDash for $410 million, and getvoila recently raised $10 million to expand their business. While the general food delivery industry has seen multiple multi-billion dollar deals, like Doordash acquiring Wolt, it is clear that there is an opportunity to expand the high-end food industry. Join us now!