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Silicon Valley Founders put AI Voice Assistants in charge of Raising their Next Round
August 26, 2021
If you are a Silicon Valley founder, there is a good chance you'll raise your next round through VOIQ's Voice Assistants. On the other hand, if you're a Silicon Valley investor, get ready to have your investment turned down by an AI.
VOIQ (YC S15) Provides Companies With Call Center Services On-Demand
September 15, 2015
VOIQ's platform, which functions like an "Uber for telemarketing," makes it so that organizations such as Stanford University and companies such as AirBnB no longer have to build their own outbound call center or hire an internal team. Instead, VOIQ provides access to thousands of trained remote agents to make calls on their behalf.
Here Are The 52 Startups That Launched At Y Combinator Summer 2015 Demo Day 2
August 19, 2015
When a company wants to build a call center, they have two options. They can either build it themselves, which is expensive and time-consuming, or they can hire a third-party call center, which is also expensive and then requires a high volume of calls or long-term contracts. VOIQ is building an alternative. They launched four months ago, and have built a call center salesforce of about 450 people, who work from home or their smartphones all across the country. They’ve doubled month over month and have worked with both Stanford University and Airbnb.
VOIQ’s ‘Uber for telemarketing’ lets companies create on-demand call centers
August 10, 2015
VOIQ is here to answer the call (sorry, no pun intended) with its “Uber for telemarketing” platform. The service lets companies scale their call operations quickly, without needing fixed infrastructure or internal teams. Instead, VOIQ will leverage call agents who use their own mobile device and work from home.
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