AI Conversational Voice Assistants for the Web

Last Funded October 2015


raised from 42 investors
$2M Seed Round by 10x Capital Management, LEAP Global Partners
Last updated November 2019


Y Combinator

Raised from Y Combinator

Seasoned CEO/founder backed by top Silicon Valley investors, including YCombinator
Customers include AB-Inbev, Airbnb, and Aflac.
The product is at the intersection of 3 hot spaces: AI Voice, Gamification, Opt-in Data
Partnerships w/ Shopify and HubSpot

Our Founder

Our founding team has a competitive advantage, with over 50 years of combined voice engineering and design experience. According to the IDC, 30% of businesses are already using conversational Voice Assistants to power customer engagement across Marketing, Sales and Service. We are the next wave of SaaS-deployed AI Voice Assistants for the Web.

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VOIQ is the way that every business website, web app and mobile app on the planet ends up with a Conversational AI Voice Assistant to provide a unique, personalized journey for each visitor. Our team is taking over the $250B market of global companies engaging their prospects and supporting their customers through intelligent conversational voice on their websites and apps. We are starting with the leading e-commerce platforms in the world, like Shopify. 

VOIQ is built by top Silicon Valley founders and has raised $5M from top investors. Our founder and CEO is Ricardo Garcia-Amaya. He is the global thought leader in AI Voice for businesses. He is also the founder of two of the most influential private communities of tech leaders in the world; the Y Combinator Alumni group with $400B in valuations & 3,500 tech founders, and the Top American Latinx Tech Leaders with founders with $16B in founder exits, and investors with $120B to invest. He is a leader among the largest global community of tech investors.

For the past 25 years, websites have been unattended stores treating every visitor under one universal persona. Until now, this has been a problem of scale, as only a human would be able to carry out a one-to-one conversation with each client. VOIQ, through Conversational Voice Assistants, brings the dynamics of the gaming world to greet every visitor under its own customized persona and guide them through the ideal path to convert them into customers. Businesses now have the opportunity to showcase their brand personality through the equivalent of their top sales person, and provide the best experience for each one of their prospects, whether it's one or ten million.