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Viroment Equity

Filtering Manure in Real-Time. The Barn of the Future!

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Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Todd interviewed Viroment Equity on March 1, 2021. Play Video
Todd Folk
Founder/CEO of AppApp 10+ years in the hospitality industry. Serial Entrepreneur, Tobacconist, & Rum aficionado.
says, "Very knowledgeable founding team, unique way of tackling problem with strong stable revenues."
says, "I would love to see extra breakdown of all potential revenue sources - while the leasing aspect is really the initial part that stands out, other streams exist that I think could be discussed to even better detail!"

What Investors Say

Founder, Main Street Ventures
Invested $6,000 this round + $4,000 previously
Where to start? Viroment is helping stakeholders at every step of the farming process. Its technology provides cleaner, lower-stress environments for animals; it keeps the air smelling fresh for the surrounding community; it creates permanent jobs; it turns a cost center into a revenue stream for the farmers; it turns harmful waste into clean water and valuable fertilizer; and it allows the farms to produce more and higher quality meat for consumers around the world.
The applications for the technology extend far beyond farming, too. Despite living on a planet that's covered mostly by water, less than 1% of that water is drinkable. Viroment can help solve that problem with its technology. It's already proven its viability by rushing to help the city of Houston, Texas after Hurricane Harvey ripped through and flooded nearly everything. Thanks to Viroment, all the sludge that washed in was turned into clean water and solid waste that could more easily be removed. That's a big reason governments in countries like China are very interested in Viroment.

I'm also a firm believer that the right team can accomplish almost anything. And the team at Viroment is that kind of team. The founder, Paul, spent his career helping low-income families achieve their dreams. The kids who grew up in communities Paul helped to create have gone on to earn college degrees and even play professional sports - something they likely could not have accomplished had they not had a good place to live as children. Paul sees that it's possible to help the community around you and make a profit at the same time. That's something we need more of in C-Suites.

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