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24/7 AI-powered legal assistance at your fingertips.
Instant answers to complex legal questions.
End-to-End Encryption for unmatched privacy.
TAM of 1.3M lawyers and $438B legal services market

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I wanted to find an attorney for a family matter and the experience was to be polite horrifying. I did endless google searches and went on a wild goose chase back and forth with many assistants and attorneys before finding someone. It took weeks ! I see why so many people give up on finding an attorney when they need one.

Making legal assistance simple and effortless!

Imagine a world where everyone has instant access to legal guidance, a world where legal barriers no longer exist for the ordinary person. Vikk AI is making this vision a reality. With our cutting-edge generative AI technology, we're not just building an app; we're crafting a future where legal assistance is as accessible as checking the weather. Our platform offers 24/7 support, ensuring privacy with end-to-end encryption and providing clear, actionable insights for any legal question. But to truly revolutionize legal access, we need you. Join us in our mission to empower individuals globally, making legal clarity not a privilege, but a right. Invest in Vikk AI, and together, let's change lives one legal question at a time.

Every year, millions of Americans encounter life challenges that require legal assistance. From simple things like traffic tickets, writing a will, or drafting contracts to more complex situations like divorce, domestic violence, or evictions.

But what happens when these ordinary people seek out legal help? They turn to Google, legal directories, and subpar DIY services. Lawyers are inundated with inquiries that don’t fit their expertise. The result is legal needs are unmet or mismatched every day.

The current legal assistance process is outdated, complicated, and time consuming for consumers and lawyers.

Consumer Problem:

  • Sky-high legal fees that hit the wallet hard.
  • Confusing legal talk that feels like a foreign language.
  • Red tape and scary procedures that turn people away.
  • Waiting forever just to get an appointment.
  • The struggle to find a lawyer who gets your specific problem.
  • Stress levels through the roof because the system's so slow.
  • Feeling like you're at a disadvantage without easy legal help.

Lawyer problem:

  • Spending too much on ads that don't bring in the right clients.
  • Wasting time on consultations that don't go anywhere.
  • Having a tough time standing out in a sea of other lawyers.
  • Keeping up with messages and inquiries feels like herding cats.
  • Struggling to connect with clients who actually need their expertise.
  • The constant battle to update and manage their online presence.
  • Finding that sweet spot between being available and swamped with work.

Vikk AI steps in as the game-changer in the world of legal assistance, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to bridge the gap between consumers and the immediate legal help they need.

Here’s how Vikk AI brings a solution to the table:

For Consumers:

Ever wished you could just text a buddy and get quick legal pointers? Enter Vikk AI: your go-to legal pal. It's all about giving you immediate help with legal stuff through a chat that feels just like talking to a friend. No waiting, no hefty fees, just straight-up advice. Powered by smart AI, Vikk breaks down those big, scary legal terms into plain English. Whether you're up late worrying about a contract or have a burning question on a Sunday afternoon, Vikk’s there to help, right when you need it.

For Lawyers:

And here's the kicker for lawyers – imagine a pipeline of real, live cases landing on your desk. These aren't just any cases; they're from vetted consumers who've already chatted with Vikk and know they need a bit more help. No more throwing cash at ads hoping for leads or sifting through endless no-go consultations. Vikk AI is like your personal matchmaker, connecting you directly with clients who actually need your expertise. It's about getting quality cases without the hassle, making your workday a whole lot smoother and letting you focus on what you do best: lawyering.

Vikk AI is here to shake things up, making legal help more accessible for consumers and streamlining the search for quality cases for lawyers. It's a win-win in the world of legal assistance.

Vikk Features:

  • Conversational Legal Assistance: Chat with Vikk like you're texting a friend, getting clear answers and guidance.
  • Real-Time Responses: No waiting around; get instant help whenever you need it.
  • Nationwide Coverage: Whether it's federal law or specific to any of the 50 states, Vikk's got you covered.
  • All Legal Specialties: From family law to bankruptcy, injury cases, and business matters, no question is off-limits.
  • Multilingual Support: Available in English and all major languages, making legal assistance accessible to more people.
  • Resume Chats Anytime: Pick up where you left off with Vikk, making it easy to follow up on ongoing legal matters.
  • Document Analysis: Upload documents for Vikk to review and discuss, streamlining how you tackle paperwork.
  • Legal Document Creation: Need to draft a court motion, appeal, or contract? Vikk can suggest forms and help create them.

Vikk AI is designed to make legal assistance as accessible and helpful as possible, breaking down the barriers between you and the help you need.


We have designed Vikk AI from the ground up with the best UI/UX practices to make the platform stable, secure and scaleable:

Path To Market:

Launch Milestone: Vikk AI officially launched in January 2024, available in both mobile and web app formats, offering a seamless experience across devices.

  • Funding Achievement: Successfully raised $400K in pre-seed funding from a combination of investors and founders, establishing a strong financial foundation for growth.
  • User Adoption: Since its launch, Vikk AI has achieved more than 10,000 installs, demonstrating significant market interest and potential.
  • Growth Rate: The platform is adding 1,000 users every 15 days, showcasing rapid user adoption and the expanding reach of Vikk AI.
  • Nationwide Reach: Vikk AI proudly serves users in all 50 states plus DC, indicating widespread acceptance and versatility across various legal jurisdictions.
  • Subscription Service Introduction: In May 2024, Vikk will introduce the Vikk + subscription service for repeat users, enhancing user engagement with premium features and benefits.
  • Lawyer Feed Subscription: Launched in beta a subscription-based lawyer feed, allowing legal professionals to view and interact with cases, further bridging the gap between consumers seeking legal assistance and lawyers.
  • - Future Milestones: Anticipating reaching 25,000 installs by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2024, signaling strong continued growth and establishing Vikk AI as a significant player in the legal tech space.

The Numbers:

The legal industry in the U.S. is a powerhouse with $437B in annual billed services and $73B in Serviceable Obtainable Market. Depending on firm size and specialty, lawyers spend anywhere from 2% to 50% of their annual billings on marketing!

Law firms are catching up on digitizing their inner operations but have lagged with consumer facing trends. This creates a major opportunity for Vikktoria in the highly fragmented, untapped legal space.

Our business model is a recurring subscription based SaaS revenue from active users as well as a pool of 1.3M U.S. lawyers.

Financial projections*:

Our goal is to have 100,000 lawyer profiles in year 1 in various metro areas. Our marketing strategy will create consumer demand, resulting in lawyers converting to paid plans. Our projections show us generating revenue by mid of 2024.

While there are legal directories (Avvo,, Google search, and DIY platforms (Legal Zoom), we are the only one connecting and benefitting all the dots. Their advertising and consumer paying model limit their client size to advertisers in contrast to our open marketplace model allowing all legal pros.


The legal market isn’t just big; it’s diverse and ever-evolving. Every year, individuals and businesses spend billions navigating legal challenges, from the simple to the complex. Yet, for many, traditional legal services remain out of reach or cumbersome to engage with. Enter Vikk AI: our solution taps into this vast market by offering an accessible, efficient alternative.

Picture this: Vikk AI streamlines the legal assistance process, making it as easy as sending a message on your phone. This isn’t just about making things simpler; it’s about opening doors to legal support for millions who felt overwhelmed or sidelined by the conventional system.

As Vikk AI grows, we're not just targeting those actively seeking legal help; we’re also reaching out to those who didn’t know where to start. By breaking down barriers, we’re expanding the market itself, bringing legal assistance into the daily lives of people everywhere.

Moreover, the introduction of our lawyer feed and subscription services represents a pivotal expansion. For lawyers, Vikk AI is a direct line to a previously untapped client base, offering a steady stream of vetted cases. For consumers, it means more options and insights at their fingertips.

Where do we want to take Vikk AI ?

The technology is built and we need the marketing dollars to scale and make Vikk AI a national platform and household name. 

Below are forward looking projections of where the company valuation can be (Please read the small print!).

The funds will allow us to grow to the next level and be in revenue by mid of 2024.


Our team is made up of highly experienced tech and legal professionals, backed by diverse advisors with experience in Small to Big Law. 

As lawyers and technologists the Vikk AI co-founders saw first-hand the drastic limitations of the current system. With our previous start-up experience, we knew we could do something about it.

Our team also includes a great team of advisors (lawyers, business executives and tech experts) who have helped us along our journey.  

Let's Make a Difference with Vikk AI !

We're on a mission to shake up the legal world, and we want you in on it. Vikk AI is changing the game by making legal help easy and accessible for everyone, everywhere. But to kick things up a notch, we need your backing.

Here's the Deal:

  • Tech Upgrades (35%): We're talking smarter AI, cooler features, and an even friendlier user experience. Your investment helps us innovate faster and better.
  • Spreading the Word (45%): More users mean more impact. We'll put this chunk into getting Vikk AI into more hands and hearts through some clever marketing.
  • Keeping the Engine Running (20%): From the awesome team answering your queries to keeping the Vikk AI lights on, this bit ensures our operations are smooth as silk.

Why Jump In?

Investing in Vikk AI is more than just putting your money into a promising tech start-up. It's about being part of a community that's passionate about making legal help something everyone can count on, without breaking the bank or sweating the legal mumbo-jumbo.