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The Legal Marketplace Empowering Universal Access to Justice

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raised from 48 investors
$7M valuation cap Future Equity
Kevin Tamm Senior Counsel - Intellectual Property
Vikktoria will bring the process of accessing legal professionals into the modern era by providing timely and accurate information to both potential clients and attorneys. With live, secure communication features, internet searching through patchworks of largely outdated information by clients can be avoided, and attorneys can quickly and securely gather case information. For clients, access to justice will be expanded, and for attorneys a new centralized marketplace will exist for client intake and communication.


First mobile on-demand legal marketplace – timely post-pandemic entrance!
A gateway for solving the massive Access to Justice problem
Co-founded by lawyers who recognize the pain points of the legal industry
TAM of 1.3M lawyers and $438B legal services market
SaaS revenue model, like "Upwork" for lawyers, revenue forecasted by end of 2023 (not guaranteed)
Broad consumer demographic; mobile + multi-generational (Millennial ➡ Gen X ➡ Gen Z ➡ Boomers)

Our Team

I wanted to find an attorney for a family matter and the experience was to be polite horrifying. I did endless google searches and went on a wild goose chase back and forth with many assistants and attorneys before finding someone. It took weeks ! I see why so many people give up on finding an attorney when they need one.

Making legal search simple and effortless!

Vikktoria solves the first mile problem of connecting consumers to relevant legal help – with minimal effort on both sides of the marketplace. This is a rare, timely, and massive growth opportunity for the digital laggard legal industry positioned for change.

The Current Legal Search Doesn't Work

Every year, millions of Americans encounter life challenges that require legal services. From simple things like traffic tickets, writing a will, or drafting contracts to more complex situations like divorce, domestic violence, or evictions.

But what happens when these ordinary people seek out legal help? They turn to Google, legal directories, and subpar DIY services. Lawyers are inundated with inquiries that don’t fit their expertise. The result is legal needs are unmet or mismatched every day.

The current legal search process is outdated, complicated, and time consuming for consumers and lawyers.

The legal market is in desperate need of a modern solution. It’s time!

Access to Justice

Access to justice means when people encounter life challenges they can understand their rights, protect those rights, and get a fair outcome. This includes not just finding the right legal representation, but also affording that legal representation. The current barriers to finding that match make justice too far out of reach for many people.

To read more about the immense access to justice problem, here's a summary: The Justice Gap

While searching for legal help, families are in crisis from very real consequences. Having adequate access to justice determines whether basic human needs like food, clothing, shelter, and safety are met. And right now, justice is not universal.

We must do better

With fast, mobile, virtual, and On-Demand trends sweeping other industries, the legal space is one of the last traditional service industries to deliver the real-time expectations of modern consumers. However, the pandemic brought a mass adoption of virtual and cloud legal technologies, paving the way for the next generation legal industry.

The time is now.

Vikktoria is here to accelerate that change and usher in a modern legal era by empowering universal access to justice right from our phones.

Introducing Vikktoria

With our On-Demand legal marketplace app, Vikktoria is – for the first time – bringing relevant, real-time search and connectivity with up to 1.3M lawyers. The open, non-advertising, B2C marketplace is powered by a search engine with an AI enabled algorithm. 

Vikktoria solves the consumer problem since consumers can search for exactly what they want, where they want, and when they want.

Vikktoria solves the lawyer problem since it pairs lawyers with the right clients quickly, easily, and without multi-million-dollar marketing budgets.

Our app is a win on all sides of the legal marketplace, providing the bridge between those who need help and those who can help. 

Vikktoria tackles the access to justice problem since everyone can easily find fair legal representation, including Pro Bono work which has a massive impact on universal access to justice. Using a filter on the app, consumers can search for lawyers who provide Pro Bono services and plans for access to justice.

We are the first platform to empower access to justice and we will fundamentally change the way law is done!

The Vikktoria Technology

We have designed Vikktoria from the ground up with the best UI/UX practices to make the platform stable, secure and scaleable:

Path to Market

  • Raised $200k in pre-seed to build, test, and refine the app.
  • Ready to launch in a geographic roll out in major metropolitan areas.
  • Engaged external marketing firms in early 2023 to deploy a 2-sided campaign targeting first lawyers, then consumers.
  • Developing phase 2 of the app to widen the filters and search parameters for lawyers.

Here is a 30 second spot aimed at consumers as part of our awareness campaign:

And another targeting lawyers: 

The Numbers

The legal industry in the U.S. is a powerhouse with $437B in annual billed services and $73B in Serviceable Obtainable Market. Depending on firm size and specialty, lawyers spend anywhere from 2% to 50% of their annual billings on marketing!

Law firms are catching up on digitizing their inner operations but have lagged with consumer facing trends. This creates a major opportunity for Vikktoria in the highly fragmented, untapped legal space.

Our business model is a recurring subscription based SaaS revenue from a pool of 1.3M U.S. lawyers.

Financial projections*:

Our goal is to have 100,000 lawyer profiles in year 1 in various metro areas. Our marketing strategy will create consumer demand, resulting in lawyers converting to paid plans. Our projections show us generating revenue by the end of 2023.

As an example for Lawyers:

10,000 paying lawyers x $50/month = $6M Potential Annual Revenue

100,000 paying lawyers x $50/month = $60M Potential Annual Revenue

For Consumers:

Goal: 200,000/Mo. unique traffic year 1.

Goal 50,000 App installs year 1.

And that’s just the beginning, as we launch additional revenue streams including a monetized newsfeed and sponsored ads.

* All projections and estimates above can't be guaranteed.


Following the initial launch of Vikktoria, we will pursue additional revenue paths, including:

  • Law Request: This feature is already built and live within the app. We plan on monetizing it by giving lawyers additional access to requests in their local areas.

  • Newsfeed: A monetized legal newsfeed where Vikktoria and lawyers post news and information based on customizable filter specifications. As the marketplace grows, we will monetize through sponsored ads for brands such as banks and mortgage companies (not lawyers).                                                                                     

Why We’re Different

While there are legal directories (Avvo,, Google search, and DIY platforms (Legal Zoom), we are the only one connecting and benefitting all the dots. Their advertising and consumer paying model limit their client size to advertisers in contrast to our open marketplace model allowing all legal pros.

The time for Vikktoria is now. Our major advantage is we are first to market and positioned to launch. We have the team to take it to the finish line and are poised to pave the way for the next generation legal marketplace!

Where do we want to take Vikktoria?  

The technology is built and we need the marketing dollars to scale and make Vikktoria a national platform and household name. 

Below are forward looking projections of where the company valuation can be (Please read the small print!).

Use of Funds

The majority of the fundraising (60%) will be used for marketing and scaling the app. The rest is as follows:

The funds will allow us to grow to the next level and be in revenue by end of 2023.


Our team is made up of highly experienced tech and legal professionals, backed by diverse advisors with experience in Small to Big Law. 

As lawyers and technologists the Vikktoria co-founders saw first-hand the drastic limitations of the current system. With our previous start-up experience, we knew we could do something about it.

Our team also includes a great team of advisors (lawyers, business executives and tech experts) who have helped us along our journey.  

The Ask

We are seeking to raise up to $1,235,000 through Wefunder. We are using Wefunder since the entire premise of our work is to bring the future of the legal marketplace to the people. So, we are bringing our future to you. Help us get there!

We are bringing Vikktoria to market because we believe passionately that everyone has the right to universal access to legal services and justice. And we believe our app will deliver that right. Join us!