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VR Adventure Experiences for Teams

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🚀 Timing: VR tech + COVID = the perfect storm of opportunity & demand for virtual team development
💰 Resilience: $.5M+ in revenue & profitability through scrappiness
👀 Following: CEO is a world-record-setting adventure poly athlete with over 400K social followers
đŸ’„ Traction: Current clients include AT&T, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Home Depot, EY, and Chick-fil-A
📈 Product: 3 Initial custom experiences developed with plans for many more
đŸ„‡ Recognition: Won a Global Impact Challenge from Silicon Valley's Singularity University
🎙 Media: Connected to industry experts through our top-ranked podcast, "Inside the Adventure"

Our Team

There couldn't be an idea I care more about. I live and breathe the intersection of technology, adventure, and entrepreneurship. As an avid futurist and action sport poly athlete (whitewater kayaking, paragliding, kiteboarding, and Jet Suit flying to name a few), I can see the future of adventure technology; I won't stop until I make it a reality.

Vestigo helps teams level-up their problem solving and team building through VR adventure experiences.

Sometimes teams need a pick-me-up. Vestigo is here to help. Because when a team is stuck, growth and innovation are dead in the water. To date, we have been 100% revenue funded since we graduated from Singularity University’s Global Impact Program in 2015 and have served leading companies like AT&T, Microsoft, EY, and Mercedes-Benz.

We believe that nothing inspires a new mindset more than adventure.

But, most teams can’t drop everything to go climb a mountain. So, Vestigo brings the adventure to your team, no matter where they are, via virtual reality. 

Our adventure experiences have helped dozens of Fortune 1000 companies' teams level up their obstacle toolbox.

Since 2015 when our Founder went through Singularity University’s Global Impact Program, Vestigo has been on a mission to provide teams with adventure experiences that expand the boundaries of their potential. Originally, we did this through in-person, real-life adventures, creating remarkable opportunities for teams to challenge their perceived limits on the trail, rock face, or river. 

Today, Vestigo has served dozens of Fortune 1000 companies with award-winning experiences both in person and in VR, helping teams level up their mindset and build their obstacle toolbox through powerful shared experiences that always leave teams braver and more adaptable than when we found them. 

We envision teams around the world leveling up from fear to bravery, from stagnation to momentum, and to do this in today's remote world ...

Vestigo is building the future of digital adventure.

We're recreating the most extreme environments on Earth in VR, guided by the worlds' top athletes, helping remote teams level up from fear to bravery; enabling radical innovation and adaptability via team VR adventure challenges like... 

Braving Yosemite’s half dome rock face...

In the heart of Yosemite National Park, you’ll attempt a difficult and challenging free solo climb of the world-famous half dome rock face. About 1000 feet up from the base of the mountain, you’ve finally reached the easiest part of the climb, an 8-inch wide fissure in the rock called Thank God Ledge, a welcome resting spot for all who make it this high. You’ve made it this far... now, all you need to do is cross to the other side, but you may find that it’s harder than you think.

Try your hand at Everest’s Khumbu icefall...

At 29,031 ft, Everest is Earth’s highest mountain above sea level. Not far above Base Camp, the Khumbu Icefall icefall lies waiting as the first step in the journey to the summit and is widely considered one of the most dangerous parts of the climb. Unpredictable large crevasses open with little warning as the ever-moving Khumbu Glacier moves down the mountain, causing car-sized blocks of ice to tumble down the glacier. You’ve just reached the first crevasse. Can you make it to the other side?

Even before building our own experiences, we've proven demand by first testing the market with an MVP. In the startup world, that's called a "minimal viable product."

VR development is expensive. So, back in 2018, we first tested the demand for team VR experiences via existing software licensed from 3rd party developers and used those VR experiences in a team setting, guided by professional leadership development facilitators as shown in the photos below. With just our MVP, we've found strong product-market fit via 6-figure revenue. Now, we're fundraising to 2-3x revenue growth and further develop custom VR adventure experiences that are completely remote, as we now ship an Oculus Quest headset to every team member who doesn't already have one. 

"We learned a lot - about ourselves, each other, and the journey we are on." -VP at AT&T

"Vestigo created a life-changing experience that was challenging but also very rewarding, providing a type of team-building opportunity that could never be experienced within the walls of Home Depot."  -Executive at The Home Depot

In the future, we'll combine cutting-edge neuroscience with immersive virtual reality experiences proven to help teams feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the biggest challenges.

With an increasing array of portable and accessible brain measuring technology such as EMOTIV’s wireless EEG Brainwear and machine-learning algorithms, we can assess stress, focus, and much more. This will allow us to monitor, analyze, visualize and understand brain data, allowing us to create a reporting mechanism for measuring the impact of our mindset training experiences. Think of this as a science-based ROI calculator to scientifically show the ROI of our clients’ investment in their team, the impact from shared team challenges.

💰 This is a $161 billion opportunity.

Demand for VR technology is at an all-time high while the need for distributed teams to stay connected has never been more important. We are combining one of the most exciting verticals in tech with one of the most critical elements of building successful teams.

"We want to get a billion people in virtual reality." - Mark Zuckerberg

What’s next? / The Future

We are raising $1M to help us to continue developing cutting-edge VR adventure experiences, grow our sales and development team, and to launch the beta versions of our new adventure experiences before we raise a Series A round in the next 18-24 months.

"When we look at the future of Vestigo, we're most excited about integrating real-life adventure athletes' and explorers' stories into our VR experiences. Everyone has watched a TED talk or YouTube video of some wild person telling the story of their adventure or world record expedition, but imagine re-living it with them in virtual reality. Imagine being able to climb up the famed Hillary Step near the summit of Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary himself, or surfing a wave on Hawaii's North Shore with Kelly Slater. The possibilities are endless." 

- Marshall Mosher, Founder of Vestigo

Our Founder, @MarshallMosher knows a thing or two about adventure. In addition to being a world-record-holding adventure athlete and jet suit pilot, he's the host of the popular podcast, "Inside the Adventure."

“Inside the Adventure” as well as Marshall's social media following of over 400,000 people serves as a strategic platform for Vestigo to develop and further relationships with like-minded action sports athletes pushing the boundaries of adventure. Whether Marshall is paddling down forty-foot waterfalls, rappelling hundreds of feet into America's deepest caves, flying Jet Suits, or hosting conversations with the world’s top explorers, Marshall is always striving to show others that limits, like fears, are often just an illusion relative to the mindset we choose to live by.

Join us in building the future of digital adventure!

Vestigo will be the leader in helping teams across the world overcome fear so they can adapt and innovate faster. We'd love for you to join us on our journey to build the future of digital adventure!