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$2M valuation cap
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🔥 $161 Billion expected market size by 2024 in the functional beverage space.
🚀The non alcoholic beverage market is expected to grow to over $1 trillion.
💥 World's first organic cognitive boosting water beverage with clinically proven ingredients.
💰 Over $5 Billion in acquisitions in the space including Monster Energy, VitaminWater and Kevita.

Our Team

Living a demanding lifestyle consisting of working multiple jobs and caring for a newborn, I became addicted to the popular sugary energy drinks to beat the fatigue; they eventually made me feel sick, unproductive, unable to go to sleep. After extensive research, I realized I was not alone.

The Story of Verveno

With a demanding lifestyle consisting of long nights studying, caring for a newborn, starting a business and maintaining a high level of fitness, Joe had found himself relying on the popular sugary and highly caffeinated energy drinks to provide an extra boost to beat the fatigue.

In the beginning, the drinks seemed like the missing ingredient to success but Joe started to feel sick over time and unable to go to sleep when needed. The result was a dehydrated and zombie-like state the following day which ended in a crash, creating an insatiable need for more of these energy drinks and spinning him into a vicious cycle. Joe found himself virtually unproductive at work as well as the gym. To kick the dependence on these energy drinks, he went back to his nutrition roots and created a simple formulation of green tea extract and goji berries which he consumed with water. Surprisingly this provided an invigorating and natural energy boost without a crash, and also allowed him to detoxify from the caffeinated energy drinks. Eventually he created multiple formulations targeting specific functional purposes and started a side business. Verveno was born out of this simple idea: Truly functional hydration without the addition of any synthetic ingredients and their unhealthy side effects.

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About Verveno

The first cognitive and immune boosting antioxidant water that's chemical free and with clinically proven ingredients. Verveno contains more active antioxidants than any beverage, is made from all organic ingredients and contains zero calories, zero sugars and no artificial ingredients. 

Verveno's commitment to sustainability through utilization of 100% recycled plastic bottles helps contribute toward lower carbon emissions and a cleaner environment. 

Verveno Focus:

Contains active antioxidant compounds with the following properties;

  • 🧠 Clinically proven to increase BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor) levels vital to learning, memory and higher thinking
  • ⚡ Naturally boost cognitive function, mood and energy
  • 🔆 Scavenge free radicals and reduce the effects of oxidative stress
  • 0️⃣ Zero calories, zero sugars, great taste

Verveno Immunity 

Contains active antioxidant compounds with the following properties;

  • 🦠 Clinically proven to activate front-line immune cells for a robust immune response
  • 🍎 Enhance overall well-being and health
  • 🔆Reduce oxidative stress and inflammation
  • 0️⃣ Zero calories, zero sugars, great taste

We plan on establishing a formidable ecommerce presence, in addition to distributing to major retailers including Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Costco and other smaller retailers and specialty wellness establishments such as gyms and spas.

Current Traction 

🔥 Interest from local stores,  health and wellness establishments

💥 Interest from retail chain

    What we will be creating;

    • A blog where we dive into details about the individual ingredients within our beverages and the scientific studies behind them and their applications for everyday wellness.
    • Annual online/social media engagement to garner recommendations on new flavor picks. This will result in a readily available market for new offerings.

    Some of our competitors such as LifeAid, NUUN and Hint Water had ARR of 23M, 25M and 90M respectively in 2018. Kevita had an ARR of $24M prior to being acquired by Coca-Cola for $250m. Coca-Cola also acquired Vitamin Water for over $4b!

    Our end goal is a successful and meaningful exit at a substantial value, resulting in a healthy ROI for all investors.

    The functional beverage market is expected to grow from $69.7B in 2014 to $161B by 2024 with an anticipated 8% CAGR. Non alcoholic beverage industry projected to grow from $967.3B in 2016 to $1.6T by 2025.

    We believe Verveno is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the growing trend toward healthy functional beverages and our goal in the next 5 years is to be the most trusted functional beverage brand (non-alcoholic) among the global millennial community.

    Where will your investment go?

    We currently have a fully developed line of products ready to go to market. Your investment will go toward beverage production (ingredient purchasing, bottle production, beverage co-packing, product development), marketing and logistics. We also plan to develop an extensive retail distribution network to maximize our customer reach and exposure. To accommodate the anticipated demand, we plan to enhance our website to accommodate high eCommerce volume including a subscription service, and a part of the investment will go toward that.


    • Water is the most consumed beverage in the world.
    • Consumers are opting for healthier more functional beverages.
    • The functional beverage market is expected to grow from $69.7B in 2014 to $161B by 2024 with an anticipated 8% CAGR.
    • An environmentally conscious investment; utilization of 100% recycled plastic that helps reduce our carbon footprint. 
    • Potential short term and long term return on your investment.

    The Verveno Promise

    Verveno does not only make great antioxidant water. We are also environmental stewards, committed to sustainability of our planet for our future generations. A portion of the proceeds from each bottle will go towards cleaning our oceans and improving recycling activities including education.

    Joe Coffie, Founder