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Invest in VermutApp

Connecting senior citizens, combatting loneliness, and improving lifespan of users 65+



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of a €100,000 goal
 $12M  $10M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first €50K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $10M valuation cap and 20% discount
€100, €200, €500, €10K, €40K


❤️ 8 out of 10 users state that Vermut changed their lives!
🤝 75%+ user retention after 3 activities
🤗 120K real-life connections in only 2 years!
🤩 The only Age-Tech app with real life user generated content. 5% of MAU create 1+ activities
🤑 20% active users are pay a monthly subscription!
🥰 Cofounders were early employees at Glovo. Unicorn on demand platform acquired by delivery Hero.
🫀 Your overall survival rate increases by 50% if you have strong social relationships.
🤑 We are backed up by top global VCs like Bitkraft, Calm Storm & Atomico

Our Team

Vermut empowers seniors by unlocking shared passions and authentic connections

We have developed an app for user age 55+ by listening to their needs and offering a digital platform with all the features needed to jump back into an active and social life.


Making friends can be hard. But, making friends after age 55 is even harder.

Loneliness and social isolation increase the risk of dementia by 50%. Other health risks related to loneliness include stroke, heart disease, Mental Health disorder, premature mortality. Single-person households, divorcees, and widows are even in more high risk. Seniors are the main segment affected by this issue.

From the time that a person retires (avg 61 years old) to the time that they become dependent (avg 80 years old), society abandons seniors. This age bracket is full of healthier-than-ever seniors, who are digitally capable, and who want to have fun!

Vermut's app connects users age 55+ and enables them to jump back into an active social life.

We have developed a vertical social network with a marketplace of unique experiences built to boost real-life connections.

Our users can book their favourite activities and chat with people with the same interests. They can also follow people they have met in real-life activities, to know what they are doing next and never miss the chance to consolidate a new friendship. If our commercial partners haven't offered their favourite activity, seniors can create their own “meet up” for their new friends to join them in their top passions.

We've seen phenomenal product-market fit. Our active users open the app more than twice times a day, +6% creates their own activities in the platform and once they have done 3 activities the retention exceeds 70%+.

Seniors are loving Vermut. Platform sessions have increased 3x year over year.

Nobody is focusing on creating a technological solution that focuses on their needs, building an app with an empowering value proposition suited to their unique UX preferences and sense of identity.

We are allowing seniors to access technology in an easy way, enabling them to connect with people online and offline. The fact that we give them the chance to meet in real life is the key that makes the platform so engaging. Doing online activities is ok, but it’s not enough to change their lifestyle and boost their routine to take them to the next level of fulfillment.

Despite our infancy, by the end of 2022 we had already facilitated more than 80,000 real-life connections, achieved 70% user retention, and generated more than $276k in ARR!

A solid model with diverse revenue streams

We have two successful revenue streams: the fee-per-transaction of the marketplace, and a growing subscription model that has a 90% retention rate.

In the near future we are looking to monetize the free riders of the platform with Ads of products and services that are relevant to them or that have a benefit if they are subscribed.

The market for seniors in our target age range is exploding

Merrill Lynch estimates the Silver Economy at $7 trillion per year, which makes it the 3rd largest economy in the world. By 2030 the private spending power of the elderly generation will reach $15 trillion globally.

What's next for Vermut?

With this round, we plan to doble down on subscription model and scale. We want to reach positive contribution margin and are already preparing an MVP for Florida in the US.

To date, we've raised $1.8M from top tier investors. Bitkraft is a US leader on Game Mechanics, Calm Storm leader in Europe on Health.

Join us and help improve the lives of seniors worldwide!

Let's empower seniors of the world together! Let's prove age is just a number!