We are transforming living rooms into live exclusive event venues.

Last Funded July 2021


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VENUE utilizes AI and machine vision to expand the ticketed entertainment experience into the home.
VENUE has the potential to disrupt an $80B+ ticketed entertainment industry.
Global IP secured - Patents issued in the US (x2), South Korea, Canada, and Israel.
Highly experienced core team - execs from Warner Bros., Sony, Paramount, VIZIO, CBS, and Universal.

Our Team

We want to solve big underlying problems in the industry and bring convenient access to ticketed content for everyone. We care because we have a passion for storytelling and how it shapes the fabric of our global society.

Sold out venues are a thing of the past! Now you can buy front-row tickets to any type of live event right in your living room.

VENUE is a streaming entertainment platform that allows event producers to sell tickets to each individual viewer as they watch from the comfort of their own homes.

There's been hardly any innovation in the ticketed entertainment industry for over 100 years. Aside from the price of concessions, not much in the industry has changed.

We’ve built VENUE to disrupt a stagnant industry and reinvent live venues and movie theaters with our patented AI and machine vision. VENUE means convenience, access, and privacy while enjoying ticketed content you love. Everything from live events, concerts, blockbuster movies, and Broadway shows, comedy shows... VENUE is a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience for your home.

The Problem(s)

The old model is riddled with limitations and hurdles like limited seating, screens, and showtimes. Inevitably, your access to premium entertainment is decided by where you live. There can also be hidden costs- gas for travel, parking, babysitters, and overpriced concessions. 

Most importantly, however, the old model often leaves millions of people out of the process. 

VENUE is here to disrupt the old system and make ticketed experiences direct-to-consumer. This creates an ecosystem of inclusiveness and consumer choice. 

The VENUE Ecosystem

VENUE's product ecosystem is made up of three tiers- our flagship VENUEx streaming player, our lower-cost USB optical sensor VENUE Lite and our standalone VENUE App. This flexibility in our product offerings will help us scale and quickly gain a large footprint.



VENUEx and VENUElite Fit Seamlessly on Your TV

Our App

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We're Patent Protected

VENUE is patent protected in global markets including USA (2x), Canada, Israel and South Korea, with more countries pending. We own the IP for streaming and home ticketing.  

Market Opportunity

Business Model


VENUE is a streaming platform for a new age of ticketed entertainment. We invite you to join us on our journey to disrupt a stagnant industry and redefine what is possible in storytelling. In an on-demand and global world without boundaries and limitations to the content we can enjoy, VENUE levels the playing field for all. 

VENUE represents limitless possibilities for major blockbuster releases and independent live events/movies from around the world to maximize revenue and expand their audience. Our IP is protected, we have multiple potential revenue streams, and we have a highly experienced leadership team with a proven track record of success. Our launch is planned for later this year (Q4 2021) and our final market pilot takes place this Spring

Now's the time. Join us and we'll disrupt the ticketed entertainment industry together.

Thank you for your consideration on behalf of the entire XCINEX team.