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The only finance-focused social platform w/ professional quality data and tools

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Retail investors want community collaboration and a platform designed to facilitate it.
Retail investors need access to professional quality data and tools to level the playing field for all investors.
There is huge global demand for data, tools and analysis across all regions and asset classes.
Financial literacy and education is in high demand with few high-quality sources available for information.

Our Team

As a team, we have been passionate about social entrepreneurship for many years. We see a dramatic unmet need in this market, and believe we can build this platform in the right way.


We believe there is a significant gap in the market - neither retail brokers nor websites for research and social investing, are providing retail investors access to high-quality data and tools. The Terminal is one of the few that are focusing on education and financial literacy, and nobody understands the new world of social research that Reddit has fostered.

The demand is real and it's growing. Huge communities have self-organized on social-media and generic platforms to develop and share research. We want to provide these communities access to the data and tools they need.

We believe that communities can flourish if they are provided a platform that has the right data and tools.  This enables them to produce and share unique research and derived datasets. We envision a robust creator economy coming together, by providing the right incentives and economic structure.

2021 has been the year of the retail investor. According to Bank of America, more money has been invested in the US stock market in the last six months than in the previous 12 years combined!

We are also on the verge of a historic generational wealth transfer. Older Americans will hand down some $70 trillion between 2018 and 2042, according to research and consulting firm Cerulli Associates.

This is not a US-centric phenomenon. It is global, and The Terminal will serve this global audience in North America, Europe and Asia.

We ran a survey, and received over 4,000 responses from our Redditt-based community. The feedback was overwhelmingly supportive and positive.

The Terminal will consist of several high-level components. The user datastore and market analytics engine has already been built for us over the past few years for professional investors. We've got partners lined up for data channels, and a plan to build out unique features to support our communities and foster a creator economy. We will provide unparalleled content for investor education and financial literacy, and will advocate on behalf of retail investors.

Data Channel Partners:

We envision data channel providers accompanying their data with comprehensive research to demonstrate its value, and educational resources to provide more context and detail. Data will not live in isolation on the platform, it will be provided in context leveraging all of the features of our platform.

These are future-looking projections and can't be guaranteed.

These are future-looking projections and can't be guaranteed.

Our strategy to make this platform sustainable and profitable will primarily focus on subscription revenue and facilitating access to premium content and datasets. Ultimately we imagine that the creator economy will become the linchpin of this model, as more communities organize around analytics, data and research.

These are future-looking projections and can't be guaranteed.