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How to clean you prints from MS Resin

The past few weeks we have been running tests on the best way to clean prints made from MS Resin. MadeSolid’s resins have different properties than other resins out there along with a slightly different method of cleaning.

The following method is very thorough and is recommended for removing any sticky residue while keeping a nice matte surface finish.

Here’s a quick checklist of what you’ll need:

Getting Started

Step 1: Carefully Remove Print

Skulls scraping 820px How to clean you prints from MS Resin

Here we have just finished printing a skull in Black MS Resin. We find a razor blade can be great way to get prints off the build plate.

Step 2: Isopropyl Alchohol Bath

skull ipa wash How to clean you prints from MS Resin

This is the most important step in cleaning your print. Previously we recommended 91% isopropyl alcohol, but we have found this to be too aggressive with prints. We recommend diluting your IPA to 70% (so 7/10 parts IPA and 3/10 parts Water). You may also be able to buy ~70% IPA at the store.

Put your print into a container of isopropyl alcohol(IPA) and agitate it for 2 minutes (Gentle stirring and moving the print around is sufficient).

This is a very delicate step. If the print is left in IPA for too long, it will become very brittle and start to crack. For this reason we recommend not exceeding 5 minutes in IPA.

IPA is a skin irritant so we recommend wearing latex or nitrite gloves (if you plan on touching the print) and safety glasses to protect against splashing that can occur during the agitation.


Step 3: UV Postcure

Skulls sun 820px How to clean you prints from MS Resin

At this stage, the final print should have little to no stickiness. Post-curing in UV light well help remove any final tackiness and make the print more solid.

For UV light, we suggest a UV cure box (a direct source of UV light) or using sunlight. The recommended length of time in UV light is dependent on the size and shape of the print. We usually hover around 30 minutes.  If the print still feels sticky, repeat step 2′s IPA agitation.

In the end, you should have a beautiful print that is safe to touch. We have some alternative methods we will be talking about soon so stay tuned!

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