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New V2 MS Resin is Here

Today, we’re happy to announce the latest advancement with our formulas: V2 MS Resin.

After months of development, we have landed on an improved version of our base resin – including all 4 colors: Black, White, Red, & Blue. Here is a break down of the upgrades:

Higher Detail


The new formulas, that’s all the colors, now have a much sharper resolution than before. As you can see in the Kitbash chip, the XY resolution is much sharper. Now, all the MS Resin colors have the same deep level of detail.



Sharper Colors



v2Red_Bottle_250 v2Black_Bottle_250 v2White_Bottle_250 v2Blue_Bottle_250

Based on user feedback from earlier version of the resin, we saw a need for updating the color of the Red & Blue MS Resin. The colors are now richer  so it reveals the finer parts of the print better. Your prints will come out looking more professional now.



Better for your Resin Vat

Clouding Test MS Resin

Resin clouding is a common issue amongst vat based printers. However, the updated formula features significantly less clouding. Now your resin vats will last much longer than before.

All V2 formulas are now available in our store.

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