Unveiling Kliken's Pioneering 'Identity-Based Marketing' Solutions for the Cookieless Era

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Published on Feb 5

Kliken identity based marketing

In a swiftly evolving digital landscape, where traditional advertising methods face challenges with the deprecation of cookies, Kliken proudly introduces its cutting-edge, identity-based solutions to redefine online marketing. As we navigate the imminent shift away from cookies, our Open Web solutions stand as a beacon of innovation, ensuring effective targeting of ideal customers and delivering results in a privacy-centric manner. Kliken’s Identity-Based Marketing techniques consist of three main components. 

Contextual Targeting: Finding Ideal Customers

In the realm of cookieless marketing, Kliken's contextual targeting takes center stage. By strategically placing ads on pages relevant to users' interests through Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) categories, our approach ensures heightened ad relevance and effectiveness. This future-ready method engages new customers seamlessly, offering a cookieless advertising experience that resonates with evolving consumer preferences.

Retargeting: Increasing Repeat Sales

Kliken's privacy-centric retargeting technology reshapes the landscape of repeat sales. Focused on existing customers who are already familiar with our customers' brand, our retargeting campaigns significantly enhance engagement and the likelihood of repeat purchases – all without relying on cookies. It's not just about clicks; it's about driving tangible results and boosting customer retention in a privacy-forward manner.

Lookalike Targeting: Expanding Reach

Businesses can expand their customer base seamlessly with Kliken's lookalike targeting. Connecting businesses with potential customers who mirror the traits of the most valued ones, this approach maximizes the potential for high-quality leads and conversions. Leveraging Unified ID (UID2.0) technology, Kliken strikes a balance between efficiency and privacy, offering businesses a growth strategy tailored for the cookieless future.

Amidst the ever-changing digital landscape, Kliken's unique selling proposition lies in providing small businesses with innovative, privacy-centric, and effective identity-based marketing solutions. As the online advertising paradigm undergoes a transformative shift, Kliken remains committed to empowering businesses with personalized, enriching experiences while prioritizing user privacy.

Thank you for your continued support as we lead the charge into the future of online marketing, where identity-based solutions are not just a response to challenges but a proactive approach to delivering value in the cookieless era.

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