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Bespoke Power Distribution Systems

Published on Apr 18, 2023

Power distribution systems are essential for many companies; they ensure each area of the building or piece of electrical equipment gets the right amount of power. They also help companies to cater to complex power needs at events such as weddings and festivals. In addition, they ensure that power can be turned off and on in different locations and for different outputs when needed. In some instances, many of the standard power distribution systems aren’t suitable for a business's requirements. Therefore a bespoke solution is often installed. In this article, we take a look at bespoke power distribution systems and their benefits. 

What is a bespoke system?

A bespoke system is a system that’s specifically designed to meet the requirements or specifications of a customer. The customer specifies their needs, and the bespoke power distribution system is created to meet these requirements. Many manufacturers of bespoke power distribution systems offer options that customers can select from; these options include things such as the number of brackets, weatherproofing, and the various input and output devices needed for the power distribution equipment. Some also provide the option of a portable or fixed power distribution system. Portable systems are ideal for festivals and outdoor events to cater for all of the equipment needed. 

Saves time 

When a power distribution system is custom-made for the specific needs of the customer, they can save themselves lots of time when trying to organise their electrical supply. Take a festival, for instance; a bespoke power distribution system will have all of the outputs needed for the equipment that’s going to be used on the site. There will be no need for businesses to source accessories to adapt the power distribution system to make it compatible with the outputs required. In addition, they won’t need to waste time testing the voltage or worrying about incorrect voltage risks. The power distribution system will be designed with the right voltage outputs to protect the equipment and ensure everything is safe and can be used at the same time.


In many industries, such as the events industry, their power distribution needs will alter depending on the specific situation. The flexibility to turn off certain outputs or alter the input depending on the location can be invaluable to those that run events in different locations. It can widen up the pool of potential locations and make things much simpler when organising the power supply for an event. Many standard power distribution systems don’t provide businesses with this level of flexibility, but this can be done with bespoke power distribution systems.


There are some downsides to choosing a bespoke power distribution system, and one of the main disadvantages is the cost. A bespoke system that’s made to suit your specific needs is likely to cost much more than a standard model that is manufactured in bulk. However, some of this additional cost can be reclaimed by the time saved when using the system and money saved from not needing to purchase extra accessories to ensure compatibility. 


Any bespoke power distribution system will need to be created based on the specifications required by the customer. The process of creating the system will take time to complete, and it won’t be available to be used immediately. Therefore some businesses may need to use a standard system in the meantime until the bespoke system has been designed and created to suit their individual requirements. 

When considering a new power distribution system for your business, look at all the options available, both bespoke and stock systems. For some businesses, a stock system will have everything they need for their business to run efficiently, while others will struggle to find a system that meets their needs without needing to buy extra accessories or add-ons. If this is the case, consider a bespoke power distribution system. Get in touch with several companies to find out how they can help you create a system that suits your needs. Ensure you check out the reviews, turnaround time and any recommendations from other customers. This can help you make a decision about which company to choose, along with the cost and your available budget. Read more about electric power distribution.

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