Hey there! As this Business Insider article from a few days ago announced, NP is launching soon... to Mexico! This is not "Sayonara!" to Japan (nor "Annyeonghi Gyeseyo" to Korea!), but issues related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine have stretched out our timeline for launching flights to Asia (as the article explains).

We're still on track for full FAA approval for flights by the end of the year, and we already have DOT approval to sell tickets domestically, however it's looking like the Japanese (and Korean) authorities likely won't approve us to even begin selling tickets for another 3-4 months. Since you want to begin selling international tickets at least 3-4 months prior to beginning flights, that unfortuantely pushes our launch for flights to Japan and Korea into the early Q2 timeline.

Never ones to sit on our hands, we realized that doesn't stop us from starting NP service domestically (where we're already approved to sell tickets), if there were any routes that made financial sense. We had our route guys go to work. They crunched the numbers, and post-crunching, the numbers revealed... Mexico!

Now, we're working feverishly to get all the (much easier) ducks in a row to begin selling tickets to Mexico, with the goal of sales starting around labor day (exact schedule/pricing/routes will be revealed then!) and flights beginning December 15th.

And then selling tickets to Asia beginning around the end of the year and flights beginning 3-4 months after!

Here we go... to Mexico!

(And thanks again for your support!)