Minnesota Soccer Holdings

The Final Push

Over the last few months, the response to our community investment campaign has been overwhelming. We’ve heard from people all around the country and all around the globe. It was clear to us before, but it seems even more obvious now: people want to support women’s soccer. More importantly, fans don’t just want to be fans. Clubs are part of the community that builds them and we want fans to have actual stakes in our club.

In the past month, we’ve worked with our investors to narrow down our naming options and we’re on the brink of revealing the finalists for our club identity.

This is what community-owned, grassroots soccer looks like. And if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, there is still time. Our community investment campaign ends on December 6th. We’ve already surpassed our hopes, but we’re also close to completely selling out this campaign, which seemed impossible 3 months ago. For all those who have invested so far, thank you. If you haven’t invested yet, come on in, the party’s just getting started.

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