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5 Days Left to Grow Your Money For Good with Unique Crowdfunding Offer!

on Jan 10
Dr. Jonas founded CoPeace in 2018 after percolating the idea for more than 30 years and being part of several successful start-up ventures.

With the crazy things happening in our world, CoPeace is responding by actively seeking business-based solutions AND creating inclusive, socially impactful wealth for all people. 

All investors who join in last few days (including those adding to their current investment) will receive a sustainable CoPeace Allmade T-Shirt.

The research is clearly demonstrating that ESG and Impact Investing are working and  we are looking forward to growing our current holdings significantly in 2021 - more companies like Uncharted Power, creating both strong impact and competitive returns

Grow your money for good by investing in CoPeace by JAN 15. Our next campaign is expected to have much higher minimums (e.g. the average amount of the combined individual investor investment is over $9,600 - the minimum in this campaign is $360).

We deeply appreciate our incredible community support as we look forward to a hopeful future.