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Savannah Sauce Company

Why I know, Miss Henrietta's Elderberry Elixir works...

on Jun 30 2020
V.P. New Business Development with Savannah Sauce Company.

27 years ago, I was a young  project manager for an up and coming construction company. One day when  home,I began to see double and I was swerving to avoid objects that weren't there.  Luckily, I pulled over safely. I was very afraid. I knew something was very wrong. I discovered that if I closed one eye that the double vision was not a problem. I headed straight to the ER. I was triaged and I heard them whisper, that I may have a brain tumor or some sort of stroke. This made my anxiety worst.  Scans eliminated  a tumor or stroke. To make a long story short, I was diagnosed with ocular myasthenia gravis- an autoimmune disorder. After, speaking with the physician I thought my career was over. I could no longer focus on the tiny details of blueprints. Well this disorder went away as suddenly as it came on. I was fine- no symptoms at all! I was nervous for the next 3 years and didn't really want to drive because of fear of it returning.

Well,  27 years later I began having   double vision and a  droopy  eyelid. I went back to see Dr. Greenberg, the neurologist who initially diagnosed me. He was puzzled as to why it left and returned after 27 years. He asked me if I had done anything differently. I said no but then remembered that I had started taking the Miss Henrietta;s Elderberry Elixir. Dr. Greenberg researched and shared that the elderberry's immune boosting properties will "unmask"  autoimmune disorders. I was already taking an early morning shot but began taking it (3) times a day  as a result of the the COVID-19 Pandemic. It seems that the extra  doses of elixir kicked my immune system into overdrive! I now take my one morning shot

for an added immune system boost! I have no symptoms for the myasthenia gravis disorder with the lower dosage! THIS IS WHY I KNOW THAT MISS HENRIETTA'S ELDERBERRY  ELIXIR WORKS.