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Phenomix Sciences

Campaign Status & Lab Update

on Feb 28 2019
Operations management, scientist, and business professional with 10+ years experience in clinical laboratory and biotech startups

To our investors and followers, 

I just toured the lab and I'm excited to announce it is ready for move in! The certificate of occupancy should be issued tomorrow or Monday and as soon as it does we will begin moving equipment in and getting settled. The team is also beginning to grow -- a trusted former colleague, who is a brilliant mind with regards to Mass Spec (the type of technology we are using for the metabolomics testing) has joined on as a technical consultant and will be helping us validate the methods on our new equipment. The next several weeks are going to be very busy in our new laboratory!

I am also pleased to share that we plan to close the campaign in approximately two weeks now that we have exceeded our WeFunder goal. Most of the funds are now in escrow and with the support of team at WeFunder, we will be initiating the close process any day now. The funds coming through WeFunder (from investors like yourself) will represent an important bridge to VC, strategic, and other sources of equity investment for Series A (those conversations are progressing in a very positive direction as I shared in one of my recent e-mail updates). 

Some of you have reached out asking how to help. Here are some simple ways to help us go out with a bang when we close our campaign: 

  • Recruit additional investors from your network: reach out to your friends and family about an investment in Phenomix, or post to social media with a short note about why you have decided to invest. Word of mouth has been key to our success so far! 
  • Introduce us to accredited investors or angel funds from your network: many of you are accredited investors yourselves and may have other accredited investors or angel funds in your network. We would be honored for a personal introduction if you think there is a good fit with their investment portfolio. 
  • Consider increasing your investment: if you are in a position to make a larger investment and are on the fence, let's talk! We know relationships are important when making a large investment and we would love to get to know each other better. There is a great story and detailed plan for Phenomix and sometimes it can get lost on just a campaign page.  

Thank you so much for your continued support!!


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