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Democratizing design of personalized prosthetic wears.


⚡ Lifetime revenue of $9M
💫 10,000+ users in 50 different countries
😎 Founder and team have a proven track record and establish IP protected process platform

Our Team

Over the last 25 years we observed and participated in bringing amputees to walk with bionic limbs and run in the Paralympic Games. But not everyone wants to be a Paralympian or the Bionic man/woman. Prosthetic wears like fashion must be wearable and fashionable, the whole experience is still stigmatized and hidden. It was time to rethink that.

Why Unyq?

After 25 years in the prosthetic field, we have directly observed and participated in its latest advances and had the opportunity to create some of the leading prosthetics and companies.


Many amputees experience depression due to stigma associated with prosthetic limbs

When it comes to prosthetic limbs, there are limited choices and a lack of personalization in terms of fit and style. The whole experience is stigmatized and often causes amputees to want to hide their condition.

According to research done with more than 200 amputee veterans in the US, one of the main reasons they are not able to participate fully in daily life is because of their body image and resulting depression.

We decided it was time to rethink the way this industry is run.


Personalized prosthetic limb covers, made using a smartphone application and 3D printing technology 

Our solution, called the UNYQ WAY, is a new clinical experience that uses a smartphone application to intuitively capture patients’ biometrics and design preferences, to be sent for 3D imaging processing and 3D printing. The end user can then select from a collection of UNYQ PROSTHETIC WEARS in multiple designs and colors that are renewed and expanded regularly.


The global market for prosthetic wears is worth $6 billion, and is estimated to grow by 4% annually.

There are an estimated 2+ million amputees within the US alone, according to the Amputee Coalition of America a number that is expected to double until 2050. The mindset of clinicians and patients is increasingly more digital and design focused.

Our Community

Our community is made up of thousands of “UNYQERs'', who are already wearing our products, many of whom collaborate with us for the development of future designs.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed  

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed


Our co-founder and CEO, Eythor Bender, over 25 years of experience in the prosthetics and orthotics field. He was part of the executive team of Ossur, helping grow the company from a small startup to the second largest in the industry, and was also the CEO of Ekso Bionics. Bender has been part of creating products like the first running and bionic legs, and now oversees the incredibly talented and experienced team of designers and operators at UNYQ.