Uncle Ed’s Vodka LLC

Uncle Ed's is a cause-based LO-CAL spirits company that gives more than it takes

Last Funded May 2023


raised from 27 investors


Having left Fiji water, incoming-CEO Tracy Keao is making waves in the industry at Uncle Ed's!
Partnered with Native Hawaiians to have real equity and validate the brand, a first, to have Native Hawaiian ownership!
Distribution through large National Distributor, RNDC, and priced well for recession proof growth!
Launched Lo-Cal Tropical Expressions winning DOUBLE GOLD at the Pr%ff Awards

Our Team

Ed’s brother Walt and a tight-knit group of Uncle’s friends and fans continue the story and vision of ecology, simplicity, and joy.


We believe that a purpose driven brand that is shrouded in authenticity makes us stronger!

Our team
is built from a  diverse group of divergent industry experts who are guiding us at the advisory and board level, as well as industry specific team members who are driving sales growth. 

We believe that a benefit corporation that builds its story (IP) around our movement, that our brand becomes incredibly stronger.

Vodka continues to be an industry leader amongst not only spirits and we are on trend!

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

Two popular trends in spirits have created strong growth opportunity for our brand. 

Our expressions and aromatics come from the original fruit from Ed’s farm in Hawaii.

Our brand checks the boxes of what is trending in clear spirit growth in today’s market!

Despite two years of Covid, the brand was able to grow inside the closed state of California, our primary market.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

With the markets reopened, the trend of rapid growth is taking place.

By focusing on the types of accounts that have returned higher growth margins, we are able to more rapidly grow and make efficient use of our sales team’s time. 

Industry valuation is strongly tied to growth and the variety of opportunity for  growth, from marketing to product expansion and innovation to keep products authentic. We believe we have a very strong recipe for success.

With the market fully open, the marketing for experiential and concerts to drive sales and brand awareness are finally happening with the Summer Traditions Tour in full effect.

Damn Good Vibes is the vehicle of delivering our message of the brand  and connecting to the fans of Island and by spreading "Damn Good Vibes" and reaching our consumers through experiential events that are created by our brand partners, we are able to have a further reach and connect to our consumers electronically. This allows for a strong push into direct to consumer channels which are the future in alcohol growth!

Cali Roots music!

Shockingly, we learned that hardly any Native Hawaiians own ANY brands on their own islands and are lucky if they even live in Hawaii! With that, we decided that needs to change and we wanted to authenticate Native Hawaiian Ownership and help in Returning Aloha back!

Providing a mark to show Native Hawaiian ownership helps not only bring awareness, but also customer loyalty

surrounding brands that provide opportunity and also give back to the cause of Returning Aloha.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

While most brands seek a strong single influencer, we believe that by connecting to bands that are in our genre, we are able to have a stronger reach and more importantly,  create stronger conversions to sales!