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raised from 53 investors
$8M valuation cap Future Equity
$500, $1K, $10K
The lack of an effective micropayment solution impedes the financial viability and sustainability of creators, publishers, and various small businesses in the online and offline spheres. UKey seems to have a promising path forward (reducing friction and costs) in solving this major unmet need in the payments ecosystem. Here's one example of the promise of UKey: the success of this micropayments solution has the potential to make a free and independent press (at all levels - from the local to the global) viable leading to the strengthening of the foundations of democracy itself, and that's just a start! Having known and seen Uday in action all my life, I know he has the focus, diligence, and perseverance to see things through - He never quits when the going gets tough. Instead, he'll double down!


AI driven, scalable (micro)payments platform
Team previously built hyper-scale B2B/B2C products in e-comm, payments, ads, cybersecurity and AI
$100B market opportunity in global creator and services economy
We move incredibly fast. Built the team, product, and started acquiring customers in 4 months
Helps merchants save on credit card fees and enables them to provide subscription free experiences

Our Team

Invest in an innovative technology that will disrupt the payments landscape.

The missing middle of payments

Current solutions don't work for micropayments

UKey is building the future of open (micro) payments

  • Our payments technology (patent pending) enables super low transaction fees which unlocks micropayments at scale
  • AI powered, multi-locale pricing engine helps merchants maximize their revenue
  • UKeys allow any digital asset to be wrapped and authorized by a payment
  • Tips under a dollar possible. You can donate 25 cents to Wikipedia for helping you brush up on differential calculus

UKey for consumers and merchants

  • Pay for anything, anytime, anywhere without being compelled into expensive, long-term subscriptions
  • Publishers can supplement their subscription revenue and empower a global audience to buy individual articles
  • Merchants can enable contactless and cashless micropayments—secure and hassle free renting of low priced services like laundromats, gym lockers, and air pumps
  • SaaS providers can monetize their premium services from the get-go. For example, a free group Zoom meeting can be extended by paying a few cents

Market: Competition

Unlike our partial competitors, UKey is a holistic solution with patented technology that enables micropayments at a global scale!

UKey business model

  • A growth focused multi-step model with a 10 year expansion plan
  • Grow customer base and scale to half a billion transactions per year
  • Expand product into other payment modalities—augment credit cards

Support from trailblazers like you matters

We are raising capital via SAFE. We’ll use this funding to expand our team and continue building a great product.

We are on a mission to empower merchants monetize low-priced assets and services. And, we will enable consumers to spend less and shop more!