AI native payments platform. Flexible pay-per-use experiences.

Last Funded April 2023


raised from 57 investors


AI native payments platform with built-in authentication
Team previously built hyper-scale B2B/B2C products in e-comm, payments, ads, cybersecurity and AI
$200B market opportunity in creator and digital subscription market
We move incredibly fast. Built the team, product, and started acquiring customers in 4 months

Our Team

Invest in an innovative technology that will disrupt the payments landscape.

Pay-per-use will capture the missing middle

Current solutions don't work for micropayments

UKey is building an AI native payments platform that can unlock monetization at scale

  • Our patent pending payments tech saves up to 80% on transaction fees which unlocks micropayments at scale
  • AI powered pricing engine helps businesses maximize their revenue
  • Pay-per-use experiences recover ad block revenue and supercharge customer acquisition
  • Tips under a dollar possible. You can donate 25 cents to Wikipedia for helping you brush up on differential calculus

Support from trailblazers like you matters

We are raising capital via SAFE. We’ll use this funding to build and scale UKey.

We are on a mission to empower businesses unlock new revenue streams, help solve for ad block recovery, and boosts customer acquisition at scale. And we will enable consumers to spend less and shop more!