AI Predictive Cyber Threat Intelligence

Last Funded August 2023


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$174K ARR. 5 large enterprise customers & 17 more in trials.
Growing fast. 317% YoY revenue growth already in 2023.
Disruptive AI Predictive Threat Intelligence to help enterprises proactively prevent cyberattacks.
Exponential growth opportunity in cybersecurity industry: 4.5M users & $11.6B TAM (not guaranteed).

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Why TruKno?

Invest in a breakthrough AI Cyber technology to prevent cyberattacks.

Cyberattacks are increasing at an alarming rate impacting our hospitals, schools, banks, governments & businesses. Industry experts estimate a cyberattack occurs every 11 seconds.

Exponential Growth Opportunity

Today, only 4% (estimate) of the cybersecurity staff has easy access to proactive & actionable cyber threat intelligence to prevent a cyberattack. The key reason the present adoption rate is so low is due to the fact that existing solutions are highly cumbersome, complex and expensive. This presents a large untapped market opportunity that TruKno is targeting.

Large Untapped Market Opportunity

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Market Forecast:

$11.6B (2023) to $47B (2032)

Source: Statista.

Source: Statista.

AI-Powered Disruptive Cyber Technology

Our Artificial Intelligence powered platform automates the curation of thousands of cyber threat advisories & alerts into easy to use & highly actionable threat intelligence in real time.

Cybersecurity staff members are able to use these insights to take proactive steps to prevent a cyberattack.

Fun Fact: TruKno (company name) stands for 'Truth through Knowledge'

New Innovation in the Cyber Industry

TruKno is transforming the cybersecurity industry by enabling enterprises to PREDICT ADVERSARY (HACKER) ATTACK BEHAVIOR in real time using TruKno's threat intelligence:

Proven Adoption in the Enterprise

We have gained great traction in the first last 12 months of going into full production & actively supporting 17 new enterprise trials across diverse set of industries.

We are at $174K ARR across 5 enterprise customers and projecting to reach $1M annual recurring revenue in 2023.

Projected Revenue Growth to $1M ARR

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Wise Investment

In the past, we have seen cybersecurity startups have some of the leading valuation multipliers across various industries, very high acquisition rate, etc.

Sources: S&P Global Market Intelligence Security Week

TruKno Team

Go-to-Market Strategy

TruKno solution includes highly robust API to easily integrates with the overall cyber security ecosystem. Further, we are actively working with several MSP, SIEM and EDR partners to scale our customer base faster.

LinkedIn Ad Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Customer Lead Cost of Acquisition = $67/Lead

Customers Love Us!

Using TruKno's actionable proactive threat intelligence, enterprise cybersecurity staff is able to significantly accelerate their threat hunting while saving valuable time. All of this leads to reduced risk of cyberattack.

Exciting Growth Plans

Over the next 12 months, we are actively working on major initiatives to exponentially scale our customer base and revenues. This includes building a strong go-to-market channel via partnerships with MSPs, OEM vendors, Distributors, etc. We are already negotiating 3 of these partnership deals right now.

Further, our roadmap plan has some really exciting and advanced features that will allow to increase our average revenue per customer by 70%.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

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