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Invest in Tribel

Kinder, smarter social media


of a $4,999,992 goal
$27.47M pre-money valuation Priced Round
$2.5K, $25K, $50K, $100K
I totally align with the mission of Tribel as a social media platform for the good of all. This will bring healthy competition between Tribel and other existing social media platforms like Facebook, X Former Twitter, Instagram, and the new one, Thread. The more the merrier especially for the user community and the healthier the competition. I invested in Tribel to be able to provide alternative platform to X (formerly Twitter) that has become a handle for Hate, extremism, and falsehood.


🆘 We have safeguards to stop the spread of fake news, hatred, and bigotry.
We have a revolutionary, highly unique, fully-customizable newsfeed
đŸ„‡Viable competitor to Facebook and Twitter.
Over 600,000 users are already using Tribel
$0 invested to acquire 600,000 customers. All organic
đŸ’„ Positioned to disrupt the explosive social media market — valued at $231 BN
🏆 World-class team with experience scaling companies and with over 1.2 M in audience
Afraid of competition, Elon Musk banned our Twitter account.

Our Team


Why Tribel?

We are Tribel, a social media platform that connects people with similar interests and passions, empowering them to create and join communities that inspire positive change in the world.

Join us on Wefunder and be a part of Tribel's journey as we continue to thrive, powered by the strength of our dedicated team that has brought us this far.


It’s worth mentioning that we’ve been told we could raise at a valuation at least double the listed price for this round given that social media companies with big communities consistently raise at 15-50X their value, but we chose to price this round conservatively.

We chose to do this because the retail investor community is near and dear to us and we hope you see how important this mission is to the Tribel team.  

Of course, nothing is guaranteed - but by pricing conservatively, we aim to create meaningful upside for each investor.

We can’t wait to have you along for the Tribel journey!