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Transcend Lighting

The world's most energy efficient grow light.

Last Funded November 2015


raised from 22 investors
$2M Venture Round by Rose Capital
Last updated April 2018


Over $1M in committed (LOI) sales since January launch.
New LED tech. ~50% more energy efficient than other lights.
Average indoor farm (5 acres) can save $2,250,000 per year.
Energy savings pay for Transcend lights in ~2 years.
Bulbs last 5x longer than competition (10 years vs. 2-3).
Perfect for fruits, vegetables, and all green medicine.
Patent protection in the U.S. and abroad.
Investors include Y Combinator, Justin Kan, and Ben Boyer.

Our Founder

Pitch and Product

Brian's History and How Transcend Got Started

Brian has a degree in Optical Engineering and spent his entire career working with LEDs or LED lighting. Originally Brian worked for an LED manufacturer that built LEDs for display, e.g. rear projection television or business projectors. He then moved into general lighting work for some large lighting companies, both in management and application engineering roles, where he designed a number of different lighting products ranging from streetlights to office lighting, and managed teams of engineers doing electrical engineering, thermal engineering, mechanical engineering, and also quality control.

Brian's family has a small farm with chickens and sheep and fruits and vegetables. They used grow lights to start their seedlings and get a jump on the season before transplanting outside. Brian built the first iteration of Transcend LED lights to help his family grow more efficiently. Word got around the small farming community and a bunch of local farmers requested the lights. Brian then realized there was a big opportunity for a well-designed, advanced lighting system specifically for agriculture.