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reserved of a $50,000 goal
Priced Round
$20M pre-money valuation
$250, $500, $1K


Utility patents in 15 major golf countries in the world appraised at $1.3 million for licensing
Established partnerships with major retailers such as Walmart, Dick's Sporting Goods
Over 3000 units sold from our first run with zero marketing
Currently signing distribution deals with European PGA Pros and Volvik in South Korea

Our Team

There is a phrase that was coined about 60 years ago by one of the finest golfers of that time, Bobby Locke, which stated, "Drive for show, and Putt for dough!" As a golfer myself, I know that the easiest way to improve my score is to Putt better and that is why I created the putting stick.


Every Golfer in the World Wants to Win…

Whether it’s the joy of winning or serious money on the table, you won’t find a golfer who isn’t trying to lower their score. What’s the easiest way to do this? Nearly every golfer has the same idea: learning to sink more putts – i.e.  getting the ball in the hole in just one final stroke after it’s reached the “green” (short grassy area around the hole). 

There’s no more efficient way to lower your golf score than practicing the fine art of sinking putts, but that’s not an easy feat. True mastery at “reading a green” or visualizing the path your ball will follow in the home stretch can take years of effort. Plus, golfers must practice and practice hitting the ball with the perfect weight and angle every time. Even swinging the club along a straight path is about as challenging as drawing a perfectly straight line.

Golfers everywhere are sick of losing their game (and their money!) because of a poor putting stroke, and they know that if they continue to putt poorly they will continue to lose. 

A Simple Yet Effective Tool for Optimizing Putting Practice 

For these reasons, many golfers spend their limited (or not so limited) practice time with relentless focus on that stubborn putting stroke. On summer weeknights, they practice it in their backyards. During cold months and rainy days, they do it in their living rooms. 

And if you’re practicing 50, 100, or even 200 putts a night, you kind of want to make sure you’re doing it right! That’s what makes The Putting Stick® an absolute game changer.

Our patented device from TPK Golf is a simple training aid that helps golfers improve and “groove” their putt with accuracy and precision. In addition, it’s the only training aid with an integrated (built-in) level that assures the spot you are putting on is exactly level from side-to-side. 

The Putting Stick® also features:

  • An easy-load ball ramp to identify stroke accuracy at the point of impact. 
  • An adjustable back-swing stop that shows golfers if their backswing is too long.
  • Precise visual feedback to prevent users from adopting a “bad stroke” into their permanent arm memory.
  • A detachable or built-in mirror to continuously monitor eye alignment depending on the model.
  • A compact design of only >1 inch by 42 inches allowing golfers to improve their putting stroke for all putt lengths.

The Putting Stick® is on the path to becoming a standard tool that amateur and professional golfers alike can benefit from both on and off the course. It’s also perfect for indoor AND outdoor use. Unlike some high-end putting practice tools, The Putting Stick’s low cost makes it accessible to golfers at all levels. 

Over $250K Sales with Zero Marketing

So far, we’ve seen immense success with our first 3000 sticks sold and $250,000 in sales. We’re also proud to feature The Putting Stick® at Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Amazon.

Sales To Date:

  • Online sales: $30,000 per year (average of $2,500 per month)
  • Wholesale sales: $100,000 per year
  • Distributor sales: $60,000 in the last 2 months ($30,000 per month)
  • Dick's Sporting Goods: Purchased over $50,000 worth of products in a year
  • Total Estimated Annual Sales: $240,000+ (based on current sales and partnerships)

Trusted by by Top-Ranked Golf Instructors

We've attracted some of the best golf teachers out there who not only endorse our product but also purchase extras to sell to their students. Many of these teachers are in the Top 100 in their demographic, and we've sent samples to even more at their request. 

The average teacher who buys and sells our products is purchasing 50 sticks per year, and we're adding more teachers every week thanks to our popular Brand Yourself Program. With such strong support from the golf teaching community, it's clear that The Putting Stick® is a valuable tool for golfers at all skill levels.

The Pros Can’t Get Enough

At TPK Golf we’re proud – and deeply humbled – to have The Putting Stick® recognized by so many pro and celebrity golfers around the world including John Means (Hall of Fame Golf Coach), Mike Bender (ranked #4 golf teacher in the world), and Craig Farnsworth (considered the #1 PUTTING teacher in the world).

Here’s what our supportive golf professionals have to say:

The Putting Stick® has also garnered plenty of buzz in the golfing community and has been featured in Independent Golf Review and Golf Digest's List of 'Cool Stuff at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show. You can learn more here.

As you can see from their testimonials, many of our professional supporters not only promote The Putting Stick® as a teaching tool for their students, they have also embraced this device as a standard asset to their own putting practice routine. If the best of the best are using our product, this means two things: 

1. There really is no more effective and convenient putting practice tool on the market.

2. The average golfer NEEDS The Putting Stick® far more than the pros. 

The Golf Equipment Market has Expanded 

During the height of the pandemic, 6.2 million golfers took their first steps on the green. Golf was one of those rare opportunities for social interaction and group recreation that wasn’t squashed by social distancing. In 2020, 502 million rounds of golf were played in the US – a 14% increase from 2019. Thanks in part to this increase, the Total Available Market (TAM) for the golf equipment industry stands at a whopping 7.8 billion globally. 

Based on our expanding geographical reach throughout the Europe, South Korea, Japan, and US markets, we estimate a Serviceable Available Market (SAM) of over 5 billion (65-70% of TAM) and a modest Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) of about $275 million (3.5% of the SAM). 

Our average customer spends around $500 - $1000 on golf equipment every year. And even though we’ve competitively priced our products, the lowest-tier Putting Stick is sold for an affordable $80 – making it a perfect option for holiday gifts and birthday presents!

TPK golf is prepared to further monetize its existing and future customer base with additional offerings for return customers. Our website is full of other golf products such as the Yardage Notebook, Leather Scorecard Holder, Ball Mark Repair Tool, Back Saver Wallet, and Yardage Book Holder (these days, you can see every pro with one sticking out of their back pocket). TPK Golf’s tried and true offerings have found great acceptance from golfers at all levels ever since our original Leather Scorecard Holder was introduced to the market in the early 1990s. 

As we tap into new international markets, our distribution partnership with Volvick grants us access to 50 million golfers in South Korea (TAM of $3.75 billion), European PGA Pro gives us access to 4.8 million golfers in the UK (TAM of $360 million), and Amazon Japan gives us access to yet another 10.3 million golfers (TAM of $772 million).  

Our Unique Advantages 

The Putting Stick has several key advantages that make it stand out from other golf training aids:

Patented & Protected Innovation: The Putting Stick® has strong legal protection, including utility patents issued in 15 countries and copyrights on our graphics. We've patented every aspect of our innovation, such as the built-in level, integrated mirror, bumper, and dimensions of the device. Our patent is valued at $1.3 million for licensing, ensuring our competitiveness in the golf equipment market. The robust legal work has been completed by Moss & Barnett - one of the top legal firms focusing on patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Integrated Level : It's not just about practicing more; it's about practicing with precision and accuracy, and that's where The Putting Stick shines. By allowing you to practice with a perfectly level surface, The Putting Stick helps golfers develop a stroke that ensures the putter face is square to the line at impact with the ball. The Putting Stick is the only training aid with an integrated level that ensures the spot you are putting on is level "side to side.”

Instant Feedback: The Putting Stick provides immediate and precise feedback on your putter face position after each stroke. It accurately shows if your putter face was square at impact, and even a slight deviation of 1/4 of a degree can cause the ball to roll along the edge instead of down the middle of the stick. With a deviation of 1/2 of a degree, more of the ball will be visible along a particular edge. This feedback enables you to identify and correct any stroke errors or repeat successful ones, resulting in perfect practice. No other training aid offers such instantaneous stroke feedback.

A Few “Strokes” Less than Our Competitors: When it comes to market competition, the closest putting practice device measured in terms of effectiveness is a computerized system called the SAM PuttLab. The basic version of this product costs around $7,000, is not portable, and has been shown to produce the same results as our $80 Putting Stick according to PGA Magazine. In short, there is no significant competition, and we’re doing everything in our power to keep it that way!

Marketing Advantages 

As The Putting Stick® steps into international markets, we will continue to leverage the audience and marketing potential of existing, well-known professional athletes. The goal of our marketing efforts is to gain greater exposure among the golfing community at large and with additional pro athletes who have yet to discover our game-changing tool. 

Many athletes, especially golfers, have a tendency to shop, watch, and socialize in circles related to their sport – giving us free word-of-mouth advertising. Recently, we’ve acquired the support of Justin Turner through this method. Justin is the winner of the Roberto Clemente Award and has 950,000 followers on social media. 

Highly Profitable Production Model

To meet the growing demand, we’ve developed a new system to train product personnel. With an initial team of just 4 production employees, we can machine-produce 1000 Putting Sticks per day including all assembly and packaging.  

Truly, the numbers speak for themselves with our extremely efficient production model. 

Invest and Play Alongside Pro-Golfers

Invest today with TPK Golf! Our product has already rocked the professional world of golfing and is endorsed by the finest golf/putting teachers in the world – all without a marketing budget!

As we finalize our new international partnerships and gear up for increased production, now is the time to invest in the upside of our growth alongside professional investors and golfers.