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Driving global activism by incentivizing individual actions with rewards

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💚A public benefit corporation reimagining how to create social impact at scale
💸$2.8m in revenue to date, expecting to double total revenue in 2022 alone
⚡Quickly growing community of nearly 1,000,000 registered users
✊5m actions / $3.6m raised for top nonprofits including Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, HRC, MAPS
🧑‍🎤 Embraced by superstars & major festivals including Justin Bieber, Bonnaroo, Bon Iver & more
📰Features in Forbes, Billboard, CNN, Pitchfork, NME, Bustle, People and others

Our Team

I started Propeller because I wanted to inspire more people to use their platform for good.

Inspiring Social Action Through Music and Culture

Propeller is a community-funded, digital marketing platform at the intersection of social impact and culture.

Our mission is to inspire activism and help build movements for change. We create campaigns that introduce people to causes and reward them for taking action.

Since our inception 5 years ago, our community has grown to nearly 1 million people, we’ve generated 5 million actions & raised over $3.5 million dollars for leading nonprofit organizations, and we work with many superstar artists, major festivals and other top influencers in the world.

We developed and have validated a successful sustainable model for social good where everyone in the ecosystem wins. For Nonprofits, artists, influencers, or community members, the more you help the world, the more Propeller helps you benefit as well.

Changing the World by Creating Win/Wins

We developed and have validated a successful sustainable model for social good where everyone in the ecosystem wins. For nonprofits, artists, influencers, or community members, the more you help the world, the more Propeller helps you benefit as well.

Why does motivation for doing good need to be totally selfless? Let's be honest, it rarely totally is. And as our need to deal with the world’s problems becomes more and more urgent, we don’t have time to rely on selflessness alone.

By creating real benefits for everyone involved, we're able to engage more people around these issues. It's the only realistic approach to scale impact exponentially.

That's why on Propeller every action you take is worth points which can be redeemed for incredible prizes like trips around the world, or hanging out with your favorite artist at a music festival. Or if you prefer, use your points to plant trees, feed people, or donate to causes - it's your choice!

For our partners, a campaign on Propeller simultaneously connects nonprofit organizations to new supporters and influencers with their fans.

Everyone wins.

Why Now?

Propeller isn’t an idea. We’ve created an active community of nearly 1,000,000 members who’ve taken 5 million actions. We’ve run impactful campaigns with hundreds of leading nonprofits and the world’s biggest influencers. We have proven this actually works. And we are growing exponentially….

Whether it's taking action on climate change with The National and NRDC, celebrating Pride with Demi Lovato and The Trevor Project, or engaging 80,000 festival attendees at Bonnaroo about racial justice, all that and more happens on Propeller.

We’re ready to take Propeller to the next level. But we need and want your help.

Our plan is to take Propeller everywhere. Every show you go to, every big event you attend, Propeller is there to make it easy to get involved. And we’re going to build our own events from the ground up -- specifically with social impact in mind.

We’re going to offer bigger & bigger prizes, and give you more ways to spend your points…

We’re going to increase the social aspect on the site to foster more community, including giving you actions local to your area.

We’re going to make the platform more user friendly, and add new technology to better serve our nonprofit partners…

We’re going to continue to develop our own campaigns and make them even more impactful & unique.

There are a million things we want to do, and all of them are going to require more funding.

Community Funded

As a public benefit corporation, our mission of inspiring activism and helping build movements for change is part of the bottom line. That’s why we’re asking our community for support at this pivotal moment.

We are seeking visionary folks who understand that profit at the expense of the environment and social systems is a dinosaur of an idea. We want investors who appreciate that the momentum toward Public Benefit Corporations and B Corps is part of a greater paradigm shift that enables people to make money without destroying our home. We want our community to share in the success of the company, and we only want to answer to you.

The more revenue we drive, the more impact we’ll create. And the more impact we drive, the more revenue we create.


Propeller's revenue is up 113% in 2021 from 2020 (which was previously our highest earning year).  We've generated $2.5m in gross revenue since inception.

Our business model is primarily centered around lead generation. We get paid for helping nonprofits, influencers & brands connect with new & existing supporters, and we receive a percentage (13-17% on average) of donations.


While Propeller is a for-profit company, as a public benefit corporation we operate with similar transparency to a nonprofit. You can learn more about how we're funded and who we work with by downloading our 2020 Impact Report.